Vegan Thesis Statement

Are you struggling with your vegan essay due to an inability to formulate an excellent and satisfying attention-catching thesis statement? This article discusses the ins and outs of a thesis statement and guides you on writing the perfect vegan thesis.

The vegan lifestyle has recently become a controversial issue and the cause of several never-ending arguments across the globe. Everyone definitely has something to say about the vegan lifestyle and still, no one can really say this is the right argument or that is the wrong argument. Nonetheless, this makes veganism and those who subscribe to the lifestyle to be a great topic for essays. But you can't write a great vegan essay without an attention-capturing thesis statement about vegans that provokes the reader's interest into either supporting your claims or opposing them. The thesis statement in your vegan essay is one of the elements that make up the life of the essay. You can't have an impressive essay without you putting in considerable effort into making your thesis statement perfect. More especially with an essay written on the controversial topic of vegans, you need a thesis statement that makes the reader want to keep on reading your ideas.

Vegan thesis statement definition

The thesis statement of an essay is a part which concisely summarizes the main argument or central concern of the essay and it further reflects the writer's purpose in writing the essay. Usually, it appears at the end (sometimes at the middle) of the essay's introductory paragraph. The thesis statement consists of the topic of the essay and its controlling idea.

There are two forms of a thesis statement - the explicit (direct) thesis statement and the implied (indirect) thesis statement. The explicit thesis statement directly expresses the main position of the writer and it provides a clear map to direct the essay. On the other hand, the implied thesis statement is indirectly stated. The writer's main idea and other supporting ideas are suggested in a way that the reader can still identify. For instance, "Being a vegan is the best lifestyle for three reasons.”

In this case, the reasons are not stated but suggested. Assuming the reasons were stated, it will be a direct thesis statement.

Your thesis about vegans can either be explicitly or implicitly stated, depending on how you as the writer approach the essay. But it is important that it ensnares the reader's attention as well as focus the writer while composing the essay.

Types of vegan thesis statements

The thesis statement is divided into the main claim (topic) and then the supporting points. The claim is that point that persuades the reader to continue with the essay and then the supporting points tell the reader what to expect from the body of the essay. The different types are the different techniques that you can employ in composing your vegan thesis statement.

  1. Argumentative Thesis:

In this, you take a clear stance on the debatable topic of veganism and then state or suggest the reasons for the stance that will be discussed better in the body of the essay.

Claim: A vegan diet is the best kind of diet

Supporting Position (SP) 1: …because the vegan diet is healthier

SP 2: … is inexpensive

SP 3: … shows a more humane attitude towards animals

Then the full explicit vegan thesis statement will read thus: A vegan diet is the best kind of diet because it is far healthier, it's also budget-friendly and it shows a more humane attitude towards animals.

  1. Proposal/ Persuasive Thesis:

In this type, you take a clear stance on the veganism issue in a bid to persuade your target audience to make a kind of change. And then you state or suggest the main supporting points why they should.

Claim: As a society, we should all opt for the vegan lifestyle.

SP 1: … because it is a healthier way of living

SP 2: … it refreshes you and sustains your youthful look

SP 3: … it costs less

… As a society, we should all opt for the vegan lifestyle because it is a healthier way of living, it refreshes you and sustains your youthful look and it costs less

  1. Compare/ Contrast Thesis:

If you decide to write a compare/contrast vegan thesis statement, then you will have to compare and contrast, for instance, the vegan lifestyle against the non-vegan lifestyle in the body of the essay. In your thesis statement, you can state or suggest the main points on which they'll be compared.

Claim: The superiority of the vegan lifestyle can be proved by comparing it with the alternative - non-vegan lifestyle

SP 1: … based on health values

SP 2: … cost

SP 3: … humane values

… The superiority of the vegan lifestyle can be proved by comparing it with the alternative - a non-vegan lifestyle based on health values, cost, and humane values.

  1. Expository/ Informative Thesis:

In this type of vegan thesis statement, you introduce the vegan topic that your essay intends to explain, define or inform the reader. This should be followed by the specific information elements that you intend discussing in the body of the vegan essay. If you follow the informative vegan thesis technique, the statement wouldn't include your personal opinion. The expository thesis statement should be written in such a way that it captures the reader's interest to learn more from the body of the essay.

Claim: To fully understand the vegan lifestyle, it is important to consider its types

SP 1: … which are just vegans

SP 2: … plant-based, whole foods vegans

SP 3: … raw vegans

SP 4: … raw till 4 vegans

SP 5: … low-fat high carb vegan

SP 6: … the starch solution vegan

SP 7: … the fruitarian

SP 8: … gluten-free vegans

… To fully understand the vegan lifestyle, it is important to consider its types which are the just vegans; plant-based, whole foods vegans; raw vegans; raw till 4 vegans; low-fat high card vegans; the starch solution vegans; the fruitarian; and the gluten-free vegans.

Other types of a vegan thesis statement include:

  • Cause and Effect Thesis
  • Illustration/ Concept/ Definition Thesis
  • Narrative Event Thesis
  • Process Thesis
  • Common Ground Thesis
  • Rhetorical Analysis Thesis
  • Evaluative Thesis
  • Problem-Solution Thesis
  • Descriptive/ Profile Thesis

Generating the vegan thesis statement

Writing a good thesis statement is an important tip that almost every worthwhile essay-writing article on the web offers. Coming up with a concise and clear thesis statement about vegans is very important to the overall excellence of your vegan essay. After reading the introductory paragraph of your vegan essay, no reader should still have questions before commencing the body of the essay. about the topic and main idea that will be discussed in the body. This is why it's advisable that you put in the effort in formulating the attention-catching vegan thesis statement.

You also have to understand that you are under no pressure to formulate the perfect thesis statement. You can keep on developing and properly organizing the thesis statement throughout the course of your writing. Write several variants of the thesis about vegans, evaluate each of them objectively and then make one your "working thesis”. You are at liberty to keep improving, adding to and subtracting from your working thesis as you compose the essay till you come up with a statement that you are satisfied with. Though this process can prove exhausting, the result it produces is totally worth it.

Vegan 101

To come up with a thesis statement on vegans that catches the attention of your audience, you have to first engage in rigorous research. One aspect of the information you have to familiarize yourself with is the basics of the vegan lifestyle. Here, we will enlighten you on some of these basics.

What is a vegan diet?

The Vegan Society defines veganism as a culture that tries to reduce all kinds of animal cruelty and exploitation to the barest minimum. Therefore, the vegan diet is one that removes animal flesh and also eggs, dairy and all ingredients derived from animals including honey, gelatin, pepsin, shellac, and some Vitamin D3 forms. A vegan is an individual who follows this pattern of eating, making this choice based on health, principles and the environment.

Difference between a vegan and a vegetarian

The vegan diet is a little bit more recent than the vegetarian diet. The Vegetarian Society regards a vegetarian as someone who doesn't eat any form of meat, fish, game, shellfish, poultry or the by-products of slaughtered animals. Various levels of vegetables, fruits, pulses, grain, nuts, and seeds are contained in the vegetarian diet. Meanwhile, consumption of eggs and dairy is dependent on if the individual is a Lacto-ovo vegetarian, a lacto vegetarian, an ovo vegetarian or a vegan.

On the other hand, the veganism is the strictest kind of vegetarianism as all animal and products derived from animals are excluded. Vegans include the exclusion of all animal-gotten products because they are of the belief that these have a more negative impact on health and the environment. Even as science, food, entertainment or clothing, vegans do not subscribe to exploiting animals.

Types of vegans

Just Vegans: Those who became vegans simply because of environmental, animal welfare and ethical considerations belong to this category.

Plant-based Vegans: These vegans consume more "whole” foods and less of packages and tins with chemical additives

Raw Vegans: This category of vegans eat only plant-based and raw foods which are not heated over a 45˚ Celsius. Rice and legumes, sprouting grains and soaking seeds and nuts are the common methods of preparing the raw vegans' food

Raw Till 4 Vegans: These vegans eat only raw food comprising mostly of large fruit meals for the first two meals of the day. And then they consume starch foods with a green salad for dinner.

Fruitarian: The individuals in this category consume only fruits and other foods that fell spontaneously from a tree.

Gluten-Free Vegans: These vegans consume plant-based foods but only those without the gluten found in grains like barley, rye, wheat, Kamut, triticale, spelt, semolina, farro, darum, and couscous. They buy oats that are explicitly labelled as "gluten-free”

Low Fat High Carb Vegans: This vegan diet - shortened as HCLF involves eating huge quantities of carbohydrates and a very low quantity of fats. The HCLF veganism formula 80/10/10 is the ratio of carbohydrates to protein and fats in their day-to-day calorie count.

Apart from these, there are other types of vegans such as the starch solution vegan; the paleo vegan; the mono-island, the Freegan, and the low FODMAP vegan.

Why veganism?

  • The Vegan Society opines that most individuals make the vegan choice to avoid the exploitation of animals for whatsoever purpose. From bathroom items and makeup to clothing and accessories, animal-derived products and products first tested on animals are avoided by vegans.
  • Most vegans concur with the scientific assertion that humans are just higher, more sophisticated and developed animals. Therefore, the belief that the human's advancement should not be a cause for them to harm their fellow animals.
  • The Vegan Society also claims that most people turn to the vegan diet for health benefits such as eternal youth and glowing skin and increased energy
  • Numerous vegans are of the belief that veganism solves a whole load of environmental issues. Your Daily Vegan names the act of using animals for food as the greatest source of environmental destruction caused by humans. It opines that it is the largest source of land degradation, greenhouse gases, rainforest deforestation, water pollution, habitat loss, ocean dead zones, and species extinction.

Tips on what to avoid when writing your vegan thesis

  • Avoid general arguments in your statement and ensure that it reflects your real arguments
  • Do not expect a perfectly formulated thesis at the beginning of your composition
  • Ensure that your thesis statement is not vague. Make it as clear and concise as possible
  • Avoid overshadowing the thesis statement with other paragraphs. Place it at the end of the introductory paragraph.

In conclusion

Writing the thesis statement on vegans is a pivotal concern and one that takes time. After reading this article, you should be aware of the elements that make for an excellent attention-catching thesis statement. Knowing that the type of thesis statement you decide on is based on your specific essay question and the expected manner of approach, you should be able to come up with an excellent thesis.