Problem Solution Essay

Whenever one has an opportunity to write a good paper, the tendency would be to create one that offers an answer to a question such as a problem solution essay. So here is a tidbit on the best approach that you can take. First things first:

  • Start by expounding on the issue deserving an action
  • Put the reader at the right spot by ensuring that they understand that the problem you have highlighted needs a solution,
  • Suggest the remedy you want to be adopted in solving the issue at hand,
  • Defend the solution and ensure that it sounds as the best option there is and
  • Lastly, get ready to stand up against any objection that might be raised to downplay the remedy you have proposed.

From this point, writing a conflict essay gets exciting and easy.

Step One: A topic for Conflict Resolution Essay

Notably, a problem is the central focus of any writer because we cannot peg our article on anything. For conflict resolution essay, we need to assess some of the places we have been to and the people we have associated with to establish what transpired during such interactions. Quite often, problems have arisen out of our associations, and that is where we draw the problem list from. We can begin this section by sorting the groups based on:

  • Circle of friends
  • The college;
  • Members of the family
  • The clubs we participate
  • Gender roles
  • Sports mate
  • Gym
  • Swimmers
  • Financial bodies
  • Workplaces

You will realize that you have identified several problems from the list you have made above. The next important step to undertake is to record all of the issues by writing them down. For the remedies that have been tried but never worked, it is essential to mark them as well for reference. Remember that some solutions are reasonable, but they may fail to solve a situation because of poor implementation or ignorance from the part of the group.

With a topic, you are now set to write the problem and solution essay.

How to Find a Solution

Conflict essays must have a solution to the problem; otherwise, it is needless to go all the way in listing issues when you have no intention of solving them. On that note, it is essential to remember that excellent answers to the problems should have the following characteristics:

  • Easy implementation ability
  • Remedying a condition
  • Financial implications
  • Feasibility

Writing Problem and Solution Essay

Writing has a purpose, and that is not any different for conflict resolution essay. In any case, the purpose of this type of article is to persuade the reader and probably make a call to action. Therefore, the organization is very paramount if the goals which are listed below are to be achieved.

  1. The readers must be given a reason to read the essay by telling them categorically the problem
  2. Readers will pay less attention to what does not affect or concern them so you will need to vividly explain to them how they connect to that particular problem and tell them why an urgent solution is needed.
  3. Let them not doubt the remedy you are proposing so tell them exactly as it is
  4. No amount will be spent on a solution that does not work therefore the workable one should be affordable
  5. The proposed solution has to be the best among all other prosed solutions, and the reader needs to know that.

Introduction for Conflict Essay

After having identified a problem and a topic to describe the conflict essay, the intro plays an essential role in explaining the descriptively the problem in addition to the need for its address. The intro also has a thesis that solves the issue to the readers. A conflict essay must not fail to attract the reader to the article and should provide some fascinating facts. Such as:

  • A detailed explanation of the facts or problems unknown to the reader
  • Painting a clear image in the minds of the reader for the problems that they already know
  • Convincing the reader that the problem is important to them whether they realize it or not.

Ideas for an Introduction

  1. Stating problems that are based on true-life stories
  2. Telling why it needs to be done via application of imaginary narratives
  3. Making it clear to the reader by providing figures and facts to support the claim you have made or the problem
  4. Showing that the problem needs to be addressed by explaining in details
  5. Enunciate the broader background with reference to the issue of discussion plus probable remedies
  6. Giving information with regards to the development of the situation
  7. Use imagination to detail facts clearly.

Writing the Thesis for Conflict Resolution Essays

The closing sentence at the end of the intro is where the thesis is stated. While writing the thesis statement, it is essential to turn it as a problem you are addressing in the problem and solution essay. Consider the following as a guideline for writing the thesis:

  • Make the thesis clear in one sentence
  • Put it as an ending sentence of the paragraph in the introduction.
  • Consider describing the problem first before stating the thesis statement in the essay on conflict resolution.

Writing the Body Paragraphs

After we have written our introduction vividly, it is time to work on the body which should have at least three paragraphs. The paragraphs within the body should:

  1. Vividly expound on the suggested solution
  2. Associate the solution with the problem to show how effective it will be
  3. Explain the persons in charge of the implementation of the problem
  4. Explain by providing evidence to the effect that the solution is workable.

Moreover, it is the role of the body paragraph to make arguments that seek to explain the following:

  • The problem will be solved by the solution
  • The problem is real and can be solved
  • The answer is implementable
  • The solution identified is reasonable enough to address the problem adequately
  • Facts support the solution
  • The solution is better and worth trying out.

Writing the Conclusion

The conclusion should be at least a paragraph with interesting facts consider the following:

  • Summarize all the points that are important and should always be remembered by the audience
  • Remind the readers about what was told or the problem
  • Persuade them to agree with the findings
  • Enumerate the findings in a clear manner
  • Once again tell of the cost and the benefits
  • Write a statement of the thesis one more time but keep it shorter
  • Remind the reader about the solutions and cite examples that were previously used.

Writing a Problem-Solution Essay for Lies

Some of the best tips to consider when you are unknowingly bruising other's ego are to do the following:

  • The paper ought to be written with the right tone that does nothing other than to persuade the readers in a reasonable and persuasive manner that convinces them to take action as intended by the article. More importantly, truthfulness should guide the paper as much as possible.
  • Using the term you and we should be the best approach for formulating the paper if this nature. It is paramount to use the most appropriate point of view to send the message effectively.
  • Always think ahead of your paper by foreseeing possible reactions that may come from the audience in regards to the solution the essay on conflict resolution is offering and identify leaders who will help you to fulfill the purpose of the paper. Targeted readership is significant for the success of the paper because not all readers or people in the team targeted by the solution will act. In that case, you need to be as specific as possible with the problem and solution essay.
  • Only target the article to the audiences who are cooperative and will be part of the problem-solution team. In that case, the best approach is to critically examine the strengths of the people you are addressing with the article.

Better Ways of Convincing the Audience

It is never easy to persuade people to believe in the solution you are offering. Therefore, it is important to find better ways of building their trust that the remedy offered to solve the identified problem is the best. The question is, therefore, how do we do that? While there could not be an automatic answer to that, it is imperative to establish a neutral ground between the essay on conflict resolution and the audience. In most cases, the success rate is typically high when we are trying to persuade the audiences who have not made up their minds than those who already have a position.

It is therefore important to do the following when deciding on the best ways to deal with the audience for conflict resolution essays if we are to strike a middle ground that is good for the suggestions we make and the audiences themselves;

  1. There is a need to establish the actual audience the problem proposed is addressing in terms of the problem identified
  2. The writer must have a purpose and specify the things or the solutions he or she wants the readers to believe
  3. It is also essential to establish some of the ideals held highly by the readers so that the solution offered can be agreeable to them
  4. Also, establish the areas where you both agree to find a solution to those problems as soon as possible
  5. Use the ideas and values established as held by the audience in your advantage to persuade the audience to have a common position with you as the writer of a conflict essay.

Comparing Problem Solution against Argument Papers

As confirmed by other articles that address the two types of essays, it has been established that an argument essay could actually or in most cases helps the problem and solution essay in terms of identifying the problem to be addressed. We can say that the difference is only to the point that one debates on an issue a lot, whereas the other offers a remedy to a situation that has been projected by one. (Arguments present possible problems which are addressed in essay on conflict resolution). What is important to remember is that the two essays do the following:

  • They describe the problem or the issue identified by the writer,
  • They all have a position that is meant to persuade their readers to understand or believe
  • They direct the reader towards a particular thought or position that is deliberately intended by their writers
  • They strive to instill some persuasion to the effect that they call for action from the readers.

Components of the Plan of a Problem Solution Essays

As compared to argument papers, an essay on conflict resolution is detailed, and it gives a whole document that is having everything in terms of the requirements for solving the issue. Also, the paper suggests specifically the most appropriate measures that need to be taken to solve the problem at hand. When we write the body for a problem solution essay, we are basically engaged in arguments and explanations of the topic addressing the issue. We look at the following:

  • The things that ought to be addressed
  • How such matters will be addressed
  • Our conviction that the suggested remedies will cure the problem we are tackling
  • The feasibility and the reasonability of the suggestion we have made with regards to the appropriate measures
  • The cost implication of the solution that we are putting on the table for consideration. In our case, the answer has to be financially viable
  • We are engaged in stating why we believe that the measures we have put in place or suggested for consideration are better than the others.


The essence of a problem solution essay underpins greats writing attributes that a student may want to show. Of relevance is the fact that a lot is required for such fluency to show. So the best idea for achieving the skill is to practice writing several conflict essays and creatively applying the lessons contained in this paper.