Personal Experience Essay

While in college, the common challenge students face is writing. Some of us may be good writers commanding great use of language to communicate. However, writing a personal goal essay may not be as easy as some people would assume. Imagine bringing to life your past and present memories by writing them down in a convincing manner. Well, as much as we have stated that it could be difficult, a student should not panic because it is doable. All it takes is to engage one's mind and, recollect the most significant events, then put them down to paper in ways that this essay will provide. Essentially, the task is to ensure that we tell our story vividly and elucidate their significance. This should be done in a manner that brings our reader whether a professor or just someone interested in reading to the scene via our creative writing skills.

How to Differentiate a Good Essay for a Great One

We get to score the highest gardens when we understand the difference between good and exceptional pieces. Whereas good can give a student grades, a great personal experience essay goes beyond just grades and will be read over and over. The decision to have either of the two lies with the student. A student will not be required to carry out some form of research before writing personal essays. However, they will have to imaginatively write about some of the events they have had in the past. Additionally, they will have to describe how such events have influenced their present lives. Great personal writing, therefore, strives to paint a vivid picture in the mind of its readers.

Conflict as a Topic for an Essay of Self

We may have had some internal or external war with our selves. Conflicts are frequent in our lives, and they could be occasioned by various factors such as loses. What is important is to identify the people we have had a conflict with. After that, we then turn that into a great personal essay.

Understanding the Substance of Memory in Personal Goal Essay Writing

Memory or one's ability to recall past events play a critical role wham putting to paper an article of personal experience essay. In other words, a mind is a potent tool that can be employed to connect different incidents that turned around one's life. How do you bring to life an event that happened several years in the ladybugs not by invoking a thought? An understanding of our past mainly presents two perspectives which we can use to write. What we know now and what we knew in the past. These two angles can help pull a great personal experience essay.

Making a Choice on What to Write about from the Memory

Personal essay writing takes into account some memorable facts and events, and then, when that event happened, becomes a critical perspective to look into. Not only does time shape how the essay is written, but it also affects the flow of the ideas being put in the paper. For example, a recent incident brings the reader closer to the self that witnessed or experienced it than a past event which may require a more profound reflection to dig into the facts of the event.

Coming up with Topics: Ideas

How we arrive at a topic is not rocket science. Simply because a lot happens around us that we can tap into. Not only can we draw good topics from people around us, but we can as well do so by invoking memories of the events that happened. We can look at past events and how such events affected us somehow.

We may consider the following as some platforms of creating a great topic for a personal essay Writing:

  • Memories emanating from the relationships we have had with some critical people in our lives such as our best friends or relatives
  • A meeting with someone special for the first time that changed the course of our lives
  • That minor happening that took a while new twist impacting your life significantly
  • An event that wholly changed your life
  • Some of the things that we have done several times because they bear some significance in our lives
  • Things or people we remember that means something special in our lives.

Getting to Know Whether You Have a Topic or Not

Ideally, we should be able to determine if we have a great topic or not. This can be based on the choice made or whether it makes sense and means something to us or not. We need to interrogate the topic quality by asking ourselves the following questions:

  1. Do I think that the experience means something or nothing at all?
  2. Do I still hold the same thoughts, or has it since changed?
  3. Did I learn any lesson from past events?
  4. In what way did my life get a turn around by the experience?
  5. Have I things to do differently or could I have changed somethings if I had a similar opportunity again?

Organizing an Essay

Organizing an article takes probably the more manageable formats available, and it should not be a problem at all to do so. All that a student may require is to adopt one or more than one of the available techniques to arrange the personal goal essay. It is needless to invent a newer style sine the one's available works perfectly.

Chronological Organization

This is an organization style that takes the form of ordering the content of the ideas in the personal essay writing from the past to the present. The content must follow some logical order and should not live out the significant aspects of the events.

Characteristics of this Organization Technique

  • Organizes the stories in a sequential manner and on how they happened
  • Orders a story in a way that suspense is built from the relatively small events to the major events before culminating into a climax
  • Takes into account meaning.

The Technique of Expectations Unfulfilled

This technique, as one of the most amazing ways of organizing personal essay writing centers in contrast. In this style, it is paramount to state the exact expectation in relation to the event and what really transpired so that the reader can get a clear understanding of the event's outcome. Consider the following when organizing a personal experience paper:

  1. The memory that is expressed in the introduction to give a description of the expectation
  2. The writer foretells the issue or the unexpected
  3. Just as it happened, tell it by using a chronological pattern
  4. Inform the reader be descriptively providing the contrast be ween real life and the what was expected
  5. What was the experience like? Reflect on the feeling and do so by injecting some ironic twists to the essay.
  6. Finish the personal essay by an irony.

Arranging the Article Using Frame Example

If you have watched a movie, then this technique should not surprise you. It is one of the most used styles to organize a personal goal essay. If you have seen how flashbacks are used in movies, then there you have it. This is all about how we organize our papers. If we want to talk about what our experience means, then the best approach is frame example.

Organizing Using Internal and External Conflicts

The antagonism in our mind becomes the fodder for this type of arrangement because we bring to the fore the inner pull and contrast it to the external events. Peaceful mental status might work against this type of technique. This is the reason why is it is paramount to establish the aspect of tag and pull in your mind. After that, look at it against the prevailing circumstances to arrive at a good internal and external conflict style.

Student Sample Technique of Organizing a Personal Essay

Consider a cocktail of the various techniques presented here to have a good arrangement for a personal goals essay. Mostly, students write an article with the order of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The organization should, therefore have:

  1. The starter frame or an introduction, i.e., an element of frame example
  2. The tension within oneself presented for the first time whereby the writer makes a resolution considering even the external factors, i.e., an element of conflict resolution
  3. The second presentation of the external conflict
  4. The third dilemma and a recommendation to the difficulty
  5. The conclusion or summary of the conflict in addition to the

Any Event Makes Up a Personal Essay

It does not matter how big or small an event is because they still can end up in writing personal essays. If you are worried about the magnitude of an event that took place, the critical question that you need to ask is whether there was something important. If any, then you need to remember it. Any event has a bearing in our lives, and we can take advantage of them to write. A personal essay can be made up of memories, people, and events. For example, when you met a long-time friend as an event when you saw a person who has special talents as about people and when you remember how you got embarrassed.

Usable Tips for Chronological Organization

Quick tips to put into consideration when writing a personal essay include the following:

  • Identify the antagonism or the conflict that is either internal or external and use it to build the article. Remember that it is imperative to show the progression from less critical to the climax and then to a resolution
  • Use only the information or details that are important. If one was to edit the write-up, he or she should find it a bit challenging. This is because she or he will struggle to chuck out the details you have provided since they are all important.
  • Make the information as sweet and short as possible by describing the most important aspects such as the setting, the characters of the article, and specific actions and events.
  • Ensure that the information provided is enough and is not monotonous by letting the reader move with the story as it builds up to the climax while writing personal essays.
  • Try and employ an active voice in the personal experience essay by using dialogues and describable actions.

Metaphor Form of Organization

It is much easier to recall repetitive events, and that is the essence of this style. Some of the activities build on to the next, and they are recurring. A metaphor organization should capture such developments. The following are some of the striking characteristics of this style or organization for a personal experience essay.

  • More than one memory that relates to people, events or objects
  • A recall process that is ordered from the past to the present but also culminates into some form of climax
  • A thematic perspective that is tied to the recurring memories of the article.

An Organization of a Personal Goal Essay about a Person

Basic requirements when taking this approach may include the following

  1. A description of the clear Portrait of Person y creating a dialogue, the context, the physical appearance of the subject or the person.
  2. Things that the writer clearly remembers about the person that best describes his or her character, when the incident occurred, the repetitive actions, and their significance without giving unwanted information.
  3. Telling of the importance of the person.

Comparison and Contrast Technique

The style has three levels with the introduction giving some prior data with regards to the subject. The body which expounds on the subject or the person and the conclusion which summarizes the major points that inform the personal goals essay.


To write is not a problem, but to create an excellent essay is the challenge that we should also strive to accomplish, especially when it is an assignment. Writing personal essays requires mastery of necessary skills. As writers, we must learn the organization and understand some of the points that need to go into the article. Additionally, it is essential to have a good topic besides an idea alone.