Military Base Essay

Military services play a crucial role in protecting all rights and freedoms of a country. All those who wish to become military service and men and women should understand their country's history. In so doing, they will help to avoid the social injustices of the past.

If you're such a student, developing a military base essay will help you to understand further the role the armed forces play in protecting a nation's integrity. Apart from that, the army is also used in the conquering of new lands. These are some of the essential factors which you should keep in mind before starting your military base essay writing application document.

In this guideline, we will talk about other essential issues to put into consideration if you want to produce a compelling and captivating paper. We have also found a couple of sample topics to assist those who might not know what to talk about.

7 Excellent Application Military Base Essay Tips for Students

We have discovered that the main concern for students writing such papers is finding a unique topic or structure that will ensure they stand out from the rest. After all, they are competing with several other applicants, many of who share similar backgrounds. Luckily, with these expert tips, your military base essay is sure to stand out.

1. Thoroughly Analyze Your Prompt

Take at least 3 minutes to come up with your prompt. Separate it into three parts, and review each section critically. Questions that you should ask yourself here are:

  • Why have the military admission officers assigned me this topic?
  • What are they looking for?
  • How can I structure this topic to improve my chances of success?

Of course, with a lot of things filling up your schedule, it's normal for this process to appear like merely a pure waste of your time. However, if you ignore it and misread the subject in question, you may end up rewriting the entire paper.

2. Know How to Organize Your Paper

Now, coming up with the perfect military base essay outline is another factor that could consume much of your time. A majority of students are tempted to skip this part; it often leads to a considerable about of frustration as well as stress in the future.

What you shouldn't forget is that having a clear writing plan when writing military essay applications streamlines the thought process. It also reduces the need for constant rewrites. Therefore, make sure you have brainstormed all your anecdotes, have a clear picture of the length of each paragraph.

Lastly, sit down and decide when and how you are going to start writing. Do you want to write one paragraph every day? Or 1000 words a week? With such a schedule in mind, you will have no trouble developing your ideas.

3. Don't Tell But Show!

When writing an application essay about military base recruitment, give your own perspective instead of merely stating events. Remember that the admission officers want to know more about you through your writing. Your paper, is, therefore, their first introduction into your character and personality.

So, don't just state that you have an interest in serving and protecting the public. Show them using well-thought illustrations or examples. They should envision every experience you've gone through as if they were right beside you as it happened.

4. Know How to Use Your Vocabularies

Your application military base essay writing process should show full command of the university-level vocabulary. A critical mistake which most students often make is misplacing advanced phrases in their writing. To avoid this, try to use the thesaurus dictionary to get examples on how to make use of advanced word phrases.

Even so, avoid over-using advanced vocabularies. They should only add spice to your paper. Thus, only use clear and straightforward language to communicate with your audience. In fact, documents that full of advanced level vocabularies appear dull, comical and theatrical.

5. Practice Succinct Writing

Here, we are merely saying that you should explain your points of view using the simplest words. If you can, replace advance words with a phrase. Such concise writing shows the admission heads that you're able to organize your ideas. Most importantly, it shows that you don't want to waste their time.

6. Understand the Different Kinds of Military Base Essays

Just like any other academic paper, these essays come in different forms. You can be required to write a military base argumentative essay or even a persuasive research paper. In all these projects, you need to come up with a document of top-notch quality.

Ensure that it's well-researched, logically consistent and correctly cited. Proofread and edit each section to remove all grammatical mistakes before submitting your paper. You could also check for a previously written essay to stay within the parameters or requirements needed for the type of paper you've chosen to tackle.

7. Seek Valued and Qualified Second Opinions

If you are having trouble editing your essay for military base recruitment, ask someone to go through before making your final submission. It's normal for writers to overlook errors which are apparent and familiar to others.

Even so, try to limit the people you as to at least three qualified individuals. By asking for the opinion of too many people, you are likely to get confused in the process as you try to correct each aspect of your paper based on everyone's opinion.

An Amazing Collection of Interesting Military Base Essay Topics

There's no arguing that military base essay topics require tons of research and preparation. It can be either a discussion on a common issue affecting the general population or a question touching on specific aspects of the army. Hence, it's essential for every student to know how to tackle whichever type of prompt which comes before them. For additional assistance, take a look at these brilliant examples.

1. What are The Role Regionally Aligned Brigades?

This military base essay example is one of those topics that purely touch on military service. Now, if you're asked to discuss the importance of the Regionally Aligned Brigades, here's how you could structure your thesis statement.

"The military service has units which are trained to offer support to combatant commanders. They support both multilateral and bilateral missions as well as theatre security cooperative activities. Most importantly, they help in subverting worldwide crisis by creating strong relationships among all foreign partners.”

2. The Role of Professionalism in the Life of a Soldier

It's common for many people to believe that being a professional only exists in the business or economic environment which is filled with company heads and executives tasked with running a specific team of workers. However, this military base essay shows us that this concept plays a crucial role in the lives of military service men and women.

It's worth mentioning that the army is still a form of business which means that everyone involved in it needs to present him or herself professionally. They are expected to show competence, proper behavior, and thorough knowledge of skills in their ranks. The paper further highlights that these men and women should hold themselves to esteemed standards of living as compared to others.

3. The Importance of Punctuality in The U.S Military Service

In whichever field or profession you find yourself in, punctuality is a crucial component of success. While a small degree of lateness might be accepted in specific military structures, in the United States Army, there's no such allowance.

Failure to adhere to meetings on time usually leads to severe penalties. In their view, it's a sure hindrance when it comes to mission readiness and capability. On the other hand, those who are always present proof that they are accountable, dependable, disciplined, and consistent in their work.

4. Personal Accountability and Responsibility in the United States Army

This military base essay example topic talks about the essence of showing personal commitment and follow-through initiatives for those in the army. In our opinion, this is one of the most important factors of being in the military.

Any irresponsible behavior often leads to awful security breaches plus it may even trigger catastrophic or disastrous situations. Hence, as a soldier, you should always be accountable in all cases whether in informal or formal military uniform.

5. An Essay on the Arms Profession

One of the most significant points of debate is characterizing the military as a mere profession. This makes this a suitable military base argumentative essay and one that has the potential of triggering the critical mind of anyone who reads it.

The main point of discussion here is that it's hard to find a clear definition of what a profession is. Some feel that the men and women of the military are like robots, following orders without a second thought, something which disqualifies them from being professionals in their field. On the other hand, others are of the view that the ethical framework of the army makes it a body full of different field experts.

6. The Iran Nuclear Talks

This military base essay writing paper provides one of the best critical reviews of the military. It talks about how the Iran Nuke discussions stalled simply because the Iranian government was not willing to soften its stand on the nuclear program developments. The United States and the Russian government had instructed the country to ship out its atomic fuel as an assurance to other states that it does not intend on creating catastrophic nuclear bombs.

Iran refused to do so, something which caused insecurity and panic across neighboring nations. This paper is one of the best military base essay application topics dealing with current or contemporary events. It's a further indication to the admission officers that you pay attention to critical events happening in and around you.

5 Things to Keep in Mind before Choosing Military Base Essay Topics

1. Be Original

This is something which every writing professional will keep on reminding you. Many military base essay topics have been recycled over time, mainly because their contents are easy to develop. So, if you feel that you have a suitable idea, don't start writing about it immediately. Instead, go online and see the number of people who have previously written that topic. If you get a lot of similar results, then your paper is less likely to impress your instructor.

2. Show Relevance

Why should you write about a problem which has already been solved? You'll only be wasting your time and that of the person reading your paper. Other than just looking for past events to discuss in your essay for military base recruitment, search for those contemporary issues affecting the lives of people today.

3. Don't Water Down Your Creativity

While this may be an academic paper, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't go outside the box as you search for ideas. In your brainstorming process, free your mind and write down every thought or topic which pops up, even if it may appear somewhat ‘silly.' Once you set your brain in this motion, a flow of remarkable ideas will flood your military base essay.

4. Be Captivating and Interesting

If you structure your military base essay outline poorly or annoyingly, you risk losing the attention of the admission officer. So, pick the topic that's of genuine interest to you. It should be one which excites you from the onset.

5. Have an Open Mind

Don't just concentrate on the military base topics you find on the internet. Remember that you can draw inspiration from anywhere. For instance, in the newspaper, while watching TV, or even in a heated debate with a friend. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for things happening in and around you.


The process of military base essay writing may appear complicated, but it's something which only requires your time, passion and a considerable amount of dedication. Writers often fall into the trap of hasty writing without putting enough research into their work. In the end, this leads to insufficient documents with little to no information of relevance.

Keep all the above tips, examples and topic selection guidelines close to you before you start writing your paper, and you'll have a seamless writing process. Now, do you have any military base essay topics which you feel could take your application paper to the next level?