How to Write an Informative Essay: Simple Guides

When tasked to write an informative essay, the first question that runs in a student's mind is what is this type of an article? Which topic best bring this type of an essay out for the readers to understand? The dilemma that crops in when you haven't been assigned a matter with regards to an informative essay and that leans the writer must be creative enough to generate a relevant topic.

What is an informative Essay then?

It is defined as a paper of academic nature written in colleges and high school or even at the university level to pass information to the students or the identified target audience with regards to an object a topic or an issue of concern. Furthermore, an informative essay is meant to explain a phenomenon in a manner that brings a new understanding of it and how it affects the audience. You must realize that the purpose of an informative essay is not to persuade or change the reader's viewpoint.

More so, this type of writing strives to give answers to pertinent questions audiences are asking, and it should, therefore, explain explicitly to the audience about a particular concern as it provides evidence to back the explanation. It should clear any doubt that there may be. Also, it is imperative to note that whichever the topic was chosen, the article must take account of the keywords or concepts that best explain it, for example, if the question to be addressed is centered on medicine field, the article must use the keywords that relate to the topic. Remember to use specific informative essay examples that relate to the subject and not to deviate.

How to Write an Informative Essay

The understanding of writing an informative essay is critical for any writer or a student. It is crucial to appreciate that excellent writing skills are based on some basic principles and concepts that every writer must know. Given that writing, as a skill, applies in all other forms of writing-related tasks, the mastery of writing an informative essay helps the student to explore other assignments and do them without encountering problems. To write, the first step is to come up with:

Informative Essay Outline

Just like different academic article outlines, an informative essay outline provides a simplified version of the article by presenting points in bullets. It mainly has an introduction a body and a conclusion with the intro having a thesis statement and a topic sentence, the body has three paragraphs containing ideas that are well thought of and arranged and the end including a summary of all the contents within the body and the thesis statement restatement. One of the most critical point to remember is that a body's length is generally determined by the topic. Provided below is an example of an item and the three possible topic areas that will inform the body.

Topic: The Impact of Information Technology

The first paragraph of the body will strive to explain what information technology is and define the key concepts so that the readers can get to understand it. It also gives the background of IT, its invention, and how far it has grown since its invention. At this point, it is also important to explain to the readers why you are tackling the topic and its relevance to them.

The second and equally important aspect to look at in the second paragraph is the process of applying information technology in workplaces. Elaborate the substance of IT and how it is revolutionizing communication in workplaces besides. Relate productivity and IT in addition to explaining how its full adoption can change the output.

The third paragraph should contain the value addition of IT to the company. At this point, the writer should try explaining about other companies that have fully incorporated IT into their system the benefits and improved productivity. The student should not shy away from citing some evidence and examples demonstrating how IT has indeed impacted an organization either negatively or positively.

Note that…

Coherency in writing means everything, and for this reason, it is important to choose words that are easy to understand, words that are not too technical and may require the readers to refer to the dictionary each time they are reading the article. Remember that the purpose of an informative essay is to provide new information and not to cause confusion; otherwise, it will not be of use to the students.

Choose a Good Informative Essay Topic

This, as it seems, is probably one of the most challenging levels when writing an informative essay. Ideally, good topics, to a greater extent, determine the quality of the article written. For this reason, informative essay topics should be carefully chosen and among the critical points to take into consideration include:

  1. Knowledge level of the student in regards to the informative essay topics selected: the student must ask himself if the chosen topic rings a bell in his or her mind, he or she should also check if the selected topic has enough information or materials to inform the paper.
  2. The relevance of the topic is another factor. Not all topics will fit the bill; some will fall short of the threshold required for a quality essay. The relevance takes into account the concern of the reader and in specific terms what he or she wants to know.
  3. The specificity of the topic is also crucial, given that the topic must not be too general to the point of failing to address the issue that it is meant to address. Some questions are just too narrow, and they may waste the writer's time in trying to focus on what the problem to be addressed On the same note, some topics are also too narrow, and they do not provide alternative angles to the discussion. It is advisable to avoid those that are too broad as well as those that are too narrow.
  4. How current is the topic? This is another essential factor to consider. The currency implies that some information is more up to date, whereas others are old. Giving the reader old information may dilute the paper, and it is advisable to choose topics that are current and important to your readers. Of course, this does not imply that an essay cannot be written on informative essay topics that had been discussed some years back because the topics could be having relevant information.
  5. Check on what the audience is interested in because you could present a topic that they don't identify with thus leaving any desired outcome. Also, it is essential to confirm with the lecturer on the specific topic or area of discussion before the student settles on the topic. The lecturer may want a student to tackle a particular topic.

Examples of Informative Essay Topics

Here is a compilation of some of the best topics for consideration when writing an informative essay. These topics have been crafted based on considerable factors and relevance.

Parole for first-time offenders: In this topic, the student may be required to give an explanation of the meaning of parole and what it means to be a first time offender. Additionally, it is important to look at the importance of granting parole in some cases and try to establish if it works as one of the correctional measures undertaken by the US government. How does it affect the lives of those released, and does it help in integration for those who have spent some time in the prisons in the society?

Gambling: Given that the rise of betting and gambling companies, a student may want to inform the audience of its dangers to the youth and specifically to college students engaging in the act. Explain what problem gambling is and its social effects on a young person participating in it. Also, provide the relationship between poor performance academically and betting. Try to establish if there is documented evidence pointing at the rise and the projection of a long term negative outcome.

Radicalization: This is another interesting topic that aims at establishing the reasons why people young people opt to engage in terrorist acts. What motivates them, and so on? Here, the writer should try and provide factual information with regards to radicalizations. Statistical evidence is also crucial because it helps in understanding the number of young people who have been radicalized.

Artificial Intelligence: Explain the differences between human intelligence and artificial intelligence. How is artificial intelligence changing interpersonal communication? Explain the reasons why scientists are carrying out tests on artificial intelligence and what it means for the future.

Writing an informative essay after having chosen a great topic and having equally a good outline, therefore, becomes easy and the writer needs to create his or her first draft. This draft is subject to further editing and correction, and it does not address the points casually. After the first and probably the second draft, the writer comes up with the final draft. It is imperative to note that all before presenting the final draft, editing is very critical. This is the point at which mistakes are ironed out, and a final copy which is free form errors is created.

Here is one of the simple informative essay examples

Gambling and its Effect on the Youth

Today, you will walk on the streets and find gambling or betting companies advertising their product, and the internet is awash with advertisements on betting. Despite the allure and the promises that these companies propose to the gamblers does not take into account the concerns such as its safety, its general repercussion, and its impact on the academic performance of the students. Gambling subjects' young people to more problems, and for that reason, it should be avoided as Wimmer (2015) observes. Gambling is defined as taking uncertain chance to gain something in return or to benefit. It takes resources and a form of exchange in expectation of a favorable outcome. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the impact of gambling on the youth.

Form a social perspective; gambling is considered a source of problems to many families, given that it leads to young people squandering family resources to gamble. In fact, in some cases, people have ended up committing suicide upon realizing that they have practically nothing left after betting away everything they have. This has led to family feuds, divorces, and rejection. What causes gambling to the point that families have problems? This, according to the psychologist, is called problem gambling. A young person may find himself or herself immersed in the practice to the point of not quitting. It becomes a disease, as Kennit (2011) observes. There is also a relationship between problem gambling and economic hardships for the gamblers. The student engaging in gambling have also posted weak results.

From an economic point of view, gambler engages in borrowing after they have spent all their money on gambling. This has an impact on family resources and exposes them to financial difficulties. An addicted gambler will be willing to sell everything in his or her possession to get some money to stake.

Problem gambling has also been associated with significant health issues, including cardiac problems. According to Arthur (2017), people engaged in gambling are more likely to experience health problems as compared to those who do not participate at all.

In conclusion, gambling should not be treated lightly, given its implication and more specifically the adverse effects it has on the young people. In as much as betting and gambling firms are granted licenses to operate, they should equally participate in creating awareness of the dangers posed by gambling. There is indeed a relationship between financial hardships, marital problems and academic performances and gaming in general.


An informative essay is a critical document that warrants a lot of attention. For one to write a good essay, he or she must have a good topic and do research. The process should not exclude interrogating good informative essay examples to emulate. The process should equally take into account the creation of an informative essay outline to guide the writing process.

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