How to Write a Philosophy Paper

Coming up with an academic essay can be a difficult task. Therefore, it requires much practice, hard work and discipline. Over the past few years, scholars globally have been researching on how to write a philosophical essay because, for many, this has been quite a difficult issue to tackle. Luckily, this article will be focusing mainly on the key areas to follow as you write a philosophical essay. More so, the actual definition of a philosophical essay for easier comprehension.

Before we continue, always remember that the philosophical essay is unlike other types of essays. This is mainly because, it has a different format unlike the common research, self-expressing formats in other essays. Instead, the philosophical essay uses the defense of a theory format. This means, that you are convincing your audience to accept the ground rules and why that theory needs to be accepted.

Before we start writing, quote what it is you are proving. This is easier said than done but to simplify it further, you ought to express a rough idea of what you are to establish. In a single sentence, you need to prove why your theory is correct to your readers. With that here are the instructions on how to write a philosophical essay.

Definition of a Philosophical Essay

By the end of this article, you will have known what an ideological essay is, and how to write a philosophy argument paper. This is an article that is designed to build an argument and support your claim, therefore, this article requires a person to do thorough research to get a decent idea to present on. The first process on how to write a philosophy paper introduction is to introduce the topic at hand, and with facts back up your claim. It's considered inappropriate to add your remarks or a report of the topic at hand by other authors. What is needed, is a brief factual explanation that can convince an audience concerning your topic.

You can begin your claim with such a sentence "These are some of the deliberations that verify my position on the current item like "Jameson's work, remains an eye opener to people concerning matters of hunting in the Serbian territories.

If one manages to come up with a sturdy introduction item, they might have mastered the best way to write a philosophy paper.

Basic Hints on How to Write a Philosophy Paper

Coming up with a good theory is the first step towards success that's why it is recommended to should practice on how to develop a theory for the project.

The next sections in this kind of writing are equally important that's why you need to be careful because you'll need to defend your theory in assumption that the audience has an opposite reaction concerning the topic.

The following instructions will help you comprehend the basics of how to write a philosophy paper example that can survive the assignment selection:

  • A good research paper should sound humbling. Therefore, don't try to accomplish many things in one essay. It's considered better to include a few ideas, written in simple form to enable your audiences to easily read and comprehend your work.
  • With the aid of a hook sentence, as you begin your essay, it will easily attract the reading of your audience rather than going straight to the point.
  • Be creative in such a way that you'll prove to your readers the comprehension of your study material by compelling thinking during the writing process. A good idea is to provide a personal theory concerning the topic.

To make your content look objective, it's considered significant to discuss the topics of your interest with people around. Research thoroughly on primary materials like books, magazines and journals that have top ideas related to the subject.

How to Have the Audience's Attention as You Write a Philosophy Paper

It's important to comprehend the goals of an assignment if it's your intention to know how to write a philosophy paper example concerning the ideology of life. Once the writer is done with the theory, he/she must adhere to the following:

  • Condemn the claim or stress that some of the theories are weak.
  • Find the defense in your claims that can counter other criticism from other sides.
  • Create meaningful reasons that accompany your theory statement.
  • Compare your weak and strong of a couple of opposing opinions concerning the offered theory.
  • Ensure that your theories are strongly supported by examples.
  • Discuss some of the ideas created by other philosophers if they go hand in hand with your claim.
  • Think of what's going to occur if the theory were correct.
  • With a particular objection ensure that your theories are proofread and edited.

How a Philosophy Paper Outline is Written

Research work to be termed as excellent, its outline should be 80% great. Clarity of an essay is dependent on its structure and many scholars wonder how to write an philosophy paper outline. Like most research outlines, philosophical outlines are similar in format. A scholar's volume, is directly proportional to the size of the outline. A proposal of 7 pages will require an outline of about 2 pages. This is the format of an outline:

  • Introduction
  • The definition terms and parameters
  • The primary reason that has made you choose this subject.
  • The reasons concerning that subject.
  • The conclusion of your work.

How the Introduction of a Philosophical Paper is Written

How to develop a theory statement has already been discussed therefore we'll shift our focus to how to write a philosophy paper introduction. These are the elements that one shouldn't forget when it comes to knowing the best way to write a philosophy paper.

  • The interesting question which brings forth the discussion.
  • The support from other philosophers.
  • The anticipated objections.
  • Denying
  • Having a list of word transition online.

How a Conclusion in a Philosophy Essay is Written

How to write a philosophy paper conclusion can be considered one of the most tedious tasks in this article. The reason is that, a conclusion has one main goal and it is to leave your audience impressed. With an excellent conclusion you'll expect a positive feedback from your readers that's why this section we'll give you the knowledge of how to write a philosophy paper conclusion.

To begin with, paraphrase the theory statement. Then write a summary of your body paragraphs and at the end, put personal forecasts concerning the subject or better yet, a rhetorical question.

The Philosophy Format to Be Chosen

In this section, you need to be patient enough to explore and select the perfect paper format. Though having a format can be dependent on the institution that you are studying from. An example is Harvard, the students there can be asked to use the institution's format. Though majority of scholars are usually asked to use the APA format when it comes to quoting.

If you intend to check whether your work has attained the necessary requirements, download or check the free online templates

How a Nursing Philosophy Paper is Written

In the field of medicine and healthcare, coming up with a nursing philosophy paper is among the most tested academic essays in both the college and university level.

Begin with an exposition then continue by providing the main research work argument. Afterward, come up with a counter for any argument which the audience who won't be siding with you and always ensure that you've backed it up with an excellent response. After writing these, then continue with the introduction to your article. At the end, leave a conclusion and afterwards leave a list of names in the following page.

An example of this philosophical nursing article can begin with: The Texas Nursing board offers you criteria for which every nurse who is registered should adhere to in order, for the field requirements to be met.

Interesting Philosophical Essay Topics

Here are some of the topics that are considered interesting as you find out how to write a philosophical essay. But before you choose, evaluate each topic and ensure that you are well conversant with personal knowledge concerning the subject.

These are political philosophical topics of which they can mold you to be a worthy presidential candidate.

  • Human trafficking
  • Justice and equality for all
  • Discussion concerning the balance between peace and war
  • Gaps which are in the democratic government.

Philosophical Topics Concerning Abortion

In this section, you have to be cautious because abortion is a sensitive subject:

  • Defense on abortion
  • Aspects on abortion ethical-wise.
  • An argumentative essay dwelling on the abortion subject
  • The issues that are attributed by being a single young mom
  • What are the arguments of the people whom they support abortion (especially doctors since their role is to preserve life)?

Philosophical Topics That Are Easy

  • Having a comparison between legal and political sciences.
  • The Uncle Sam philosophical movement wave.
  • The Christian philosophical judgments
  • Roman and ancient Greek philosophers.

How a Philosophy Paper Example is Written

Another thing that is needed to be followed is how a philosophy paper example can be example of a template speeds the writing process. To get one and go and discover and discover online various samples of professional writing and always remember to cite from that particular source.

Stages in Writing

There are certain stages when it comes to learning how to write an abstract for philosophy paper and it includes every activity before settling in to write your first your first draft. In these stages you are required to take sketches and arrange your ideas before giving an explanation concerning your argument or even coming up with an outline.

Have the Issues Discussed With Others

You are to show whether you can comprehend and have critical thoughts concerning the material to be discussed in class. One of the greatest methods used to check if you've understood what you've read, is by giving an explanation to an individual who is already familiar with it.

The best way for you to fully understand this essay is for you to raise the topic with your fellow classmates or friends who aren't taking your class and this will aid you in comprehending the issues much better. It's even considered valuable to talk with one another concerning the topics that you'll present for this will give you a boost son how to explain to an individual who is aware and once that is excellent, then there'll be nothing left to stop one from making an outstanding outline.

Coming Up With an Outline

As said earlier on in the article, an outline is directly dependent on your philosophical essay's success. That is why you need to ensure that before you have begun writing a draft that you have organized the thoughts and ideas which you will be discussing. Therefore, remember this is knowledge on how to write a philosophy paper outline:

  • Organize your points before starting to write and begin making sense of how they'll be fitting together.
  • Give your outline the attention deserved and it should be briefly detailed.
  • And never forget that a good outline holds 80% of your success on how to write an abstract for philosophy

Begin Your Work Early

In the case of ideological writing and issues, one needs a careful examination of what's needed. Writing a great ideological paper requires a great amount of preparation that is why it's considered unwise, to wait until its 2-3 nights before the paper begins.

On how to write a philosophy paper outline you need to set enough time to reason and only after doing that, should you sit and begin drafting your work. Once you're done drafting, set it aside for a maximum of two days then rewrite it severally before showing it to your friends for reviewing. As you see, this takes a lot of time, so, you need to start your work immediately when subjects have been given out.


Philosophical writing is a difficult task and it's highly tested in learning institutions. We hope that the strategies we have laid out for you above, have helped you know how to write a philosophy argument paper. Though be cautious to think that these strategies alone can guarantee a good grade. You also need to take part in practicing these instructions for your writing to be smooth in future.