How to Write a Personal Essay

Overall, the application of a personal essay is hinged on the ‘self' which is not only the reason for creating the article but also the best starting point for conceptualizing the idea when it comes to writing a personal essay. People are generally interested in learning about others, and they would not mind the extent to which such explanations are given. The writer might find it uncomfortable to handle specific topics, but some may be interesting and more expressive in terms of approach. Characters and qualities of the author come to the fore and are the basic presentation that the committee members carrying out a selection for an institution will look for.

Attention and care should be the drive when a student is creating this type of essay. They should not overlook the essence of research and early preparation because failure to do so may only result in a dull paper. The committee will only consider personal essays that speak to their hearts and are well organized. However, a student should not get intimidated with the thought of creating an essay of this kind because all it takes is time and practice.

Topical Areas for Personal Essay Writing

  • Disappointments
  • Special skills
  • Family
  • Love
  • Relationships
  • Friendship
  • Childhood challenges
  • Achievements
  • Set goals
  • Education background
  • Religion
  • Hobbies

There are quite a lot in terms of topics to write about, but the most crucial consideration when selecting a topic is what best brings out the writer's points in addition to how descriptive the topic is in terms of allowing the writer to express him or herself.

Structure of a Personal Essay Outline that Works

Personal essay writing is an art that entails joining together various elements to find narrative concerning significant persons in a context like society and share that narrative to cause specific effects to a target audience. This idea has several implications on how to generate a personal essay outline that is robust enough to meet the requirements we may be having in mind. But then a critical question arises, how do we determine the best form for creating a personal essay outline?

To wit, several factors need to be considered when designing our personal essay outline so that we may be able to generate satisfactory personal essay examples. These factors are:

  • Consideration of a model of how human beings work
  • The main challenges faced by humans in ecological contexts
  • How solutions are generated
  • Emergent conflicts and relations occasioned by the solutions found

Such consideration of these factors affords us with critical information that is useful for personal essay writing. Such information is useful when we begin to observe persons acting in their unique situations and allows us to have a sympathetic understanding of facts. We also get an opportunity to generate useful personal essay examples when we have a more precise understanding of human action and relations.

Therefore a good personal essay is based on an outline that is informed by a model for human understanding that is exhaustive and reliable. Personal essay writing then becomes the art we have mentioned that uses elements of such a model to create the narrative. Personal essay examples that are produced from such compliant personal essay outlines will tend to have high use values in that we can associate them with more universal questions and ideas.

How Humans Work and Writing Personal Essays

The Introduction

Critically this is the most starting point when writing a personal essay because not only does the writer has to be creative, but he or she must also consider the feeling of the reader. In this section, the writer must use all the available personal essay writing techniques at his or her disposal to attract the attention of the reader. There are indeed a lot of techniques applicable to achieve this, and they may include use of metaphors, similes, short personal stories, and quotes from the influencers.

Unlike technical essays, personal essay writing begins with an introduction that has easy terminologies and persuasive words. What the readers want to know with regards to the author. It has more to do with his personal experiences and not just the usage of perfunctory words. The topic sentence is essential in the body paragraph for introducing the topic and the subsequent thesis statement.

Necessarily, each paragraph of the body should present an idea that is tied to the overall theme and should support the claim. There should be a logical flow in the organization of thought and ideas of the writer, and each should yield to the next one through a smooth transition. The reader should have no problem in connecting the ideas, and as such, the paragraphs should be as short as possible with five sentences in each of the paragraphs and not more.

The primary model that can be used in our increasingly complex and interactive environment is that of humans as products and producers of forces that are aimed to meet necessary hunger like food hunger, contact hunger, and structural hunger. Structural hunger is about how to use our time as living beings. Many times, we find that we need to encounter challenges to experience meaning in our lives. A personal essay outline that considers how a person meets this hunger then manages to offer us a glimpse of the real human condition and issues that we all grapple with.

The Body of the Personal Essay

Challenges Faced by Humans in Ecological Contexts

We are not free from somethings in our lives. Quite several times, the environment plays an essential role in shaping our characters and our worldview. We act to the external stimuli as beings to protect what makes us humans individually. The purpose of a personal essay is to express such reactions and generally our experiences as humans. The student must, therefore, convey to the committee responsible for carrying out the selection in the best terms possible about his or her life and the coping mechanisms. Additionally, the body paragraphs should contain ideas explaining such experiences in logically. We should also be able to organize our thought so well that we don't overload the reader with the information, instead, we keep him reading the document all through.

The Personal Essay Conclusion

Finding Solutions

This section essentially applies for the entire document in the sense that every paragraph of the essay must provide a sentence that reconciles the problems where they are cited. As humans, our life's experiences could come with a lot of challenges, but we have to find a solution or realistically cope with them. Imagine an incident whereby you lost someone special, probably your parent. The truth of the matter is that at some point the memories crop up yet you find a way of bringing yourself to some reality. Well, this must come out in the essay so vividly. Some personal essay examples present a lot in terms of how the writer came out victorious from some alarming situation. You may want to look into those examples for your benefit.

So, the conclusion of an excellent personal essay must be brief and should have a few sentences as possible. Such sentences should only contain the main points, and unlike the body paragraphs, such pints should be explained all in brief.

Writing a Personal Essay: the Considerable Tips

  • Prepare well in advance: it is imperative that before the author even thinks of creating the first draft, early preparation should be considered for the sake of having ample time to choose the topic and look at some personal essay examples to have an idea about how the articles are written.
  • Attention to details and the instruction is given: the “devil lies in the details” keen attention to the guidelines will help the writer to write a personal essay that will not be rejected or returned for correction. To have the document excellently done, we must put into consideration the secret which is to ensure that the content matches the outline given by the committee or the lecturer in the case of students
  • Being truthful will be the key to a great personal essay: people want to appreciate some experiences that you as the writer went through, it will be an injustice to provide falsified information of talk of things that are not true. This is not the best direction to take when writing a personal essay because lies will expose the author in a negative light and will kill his or her chances of getting the selection
  • Keeping the focus on the key attributes or strengths or things that are unique about oneself: there is no better way to earn the attention of a reader other than to always keep focus and write only of things that brings out the best from us. Ideally, the reader is interested in something that separates us from the rest of the pack. An author, in this case, must, therefore, be able to identify such traits and dwell on them and not in any other things.
  • Expressing the anxieties and things we are not sure of: what a greater way to let your readers know of your fear and your uncertainties? Telling it as it is a technique that does not only please the reader but it also shows that the writer is honest, truthful and is a human too.
  • Establish the connection to the article: it is vital for people to know that the writer owns the content of the essay, and indeed, the piece is personal. How we ensure that this is achieved require the ability to creatively use personal sentences and those that tie the article to yourself.
  • Keep it positive in the face of things: a victorious man or woman is someone who has passed through some tests; however, victory is measured by the resilience and the ability to have an open mind and stay positive. A positive attitude will come in handy even when the going is tough. The reader should be able to see this through the personal essay presented by the writer.
  • Never be afraid to speak of the skills and achievements: it is imperative that the writer shows that he or she is proud of the achievements or special skills he or she has. In doing this, the reader will be able to know that indeed; the writer is a confident person who to a greater degree has high self-esteem.

Even as we factor the things that we need to do, there are some of the ‘Dont's' that are equally important, and they include:

  • When writing personal essays, we do not have to repeat some of the information that has already been given somewhere else. This will imply that indeed we lack information to put across, and for that reason, we are just a monotonous lot in terms of our content.
  • The choice of topics that we use should be based on careful selection so that we do not end up with general, impersonal issues. It is advised that we only focus on topics that are very specific and only communicate what is necessary and nothing more.
  • We do not have to use statements that are excusing our shortcomings. A personal essay writing has no space for such; therefore, we have to present only what is needed.
  • We do not have to use words just for the sake of it, it is essential to choose suitable words that add value to our personal essay writing, and such words should be clichés
  • It is as vital that a writer avoids going to the extremes, e., we should not show that we are more intelligent or that our opinions matter more than those of the readers


We have learned the best way to write a personal essay outline. Importantly, writing of an essay of this nature must be premised on the study of other personal essay examples either posted online or issued by the selection committee. While we try to integrate substantial information about ourselves in the paper for the readers to appreciate, it is imperative that we take into consideration only the aspects that uniquely define us.