Healthy Eating Essay

Let's get you a top rated healthy eating and nutrition essay. However, before we go ahead to do that, how about we take a glance at healthy eating and what it's generally about. Stay with us.

Healthy eating is you. It's not all about the balanced diet, staying thin or starving you of foods that you love. Healthy eating is about the good feeling that comes about with eating well; you tend to feel great, lots of energy flowing through your body, good health, and elevated moods. It's funny that you'll find some of the healthy eating habits recommended by one are very much disagreed with when it comes to a different health expert. And now you're stuck, but the good thing is that there are healthy eating foods that cut across the board and have been universally accepted by many including the experts. Who'd argue that essential vitamins are harmful to your health, you tell me? This can be an excellent opportunity for you to come up with a healthy eating argumentative essay to discuss the elements of what it takes to eat healthy just so to enlighten the masses.

A healthy diet can be the closest thing to a long and happy life. Some of the healthy eating habits have a significant role in keeping your moods in check; it just calls for a unique dietary pattern to effect this. The primary step towards eating healthy is to replace processed foods with freshly cooked foods and fruits. While some extreme diets may be suggesting otherwise, what healthy eating needs is a balance of vitamins, proteins, fiber to keep our body health in good condition, it doesn't necessarily involve elimination of dietary options but rather making the appropriate selections from your available diet.

Here are some quick tips for healthy eating;

  • Chew slowly. The modern world is full of rush, and most people are always on the go. No wonder you'll find individuals settling for fast foods for they don't have time to cook. Take your time and chew the food well; it's part of the digestion and helps with essential nutrients absorption, something your health needs.
  • Stay away from genetically modified foods at all times. Some of these genetically modified foods could be attractive to the eye leave alone you all salivating, but then again healthy eating expects you to keep off such if at all you want to stay healthy.
  • Take your meals early before bedtime. Healthy eating requires that you eat and give enough time for food to settle in the stomach and begin the digestion process before you sleep. Health experts recommend at least four hours before bedtime.

The Healthy Eating Essay

At least you now have a rough idea on what healthy eating is all about and let's move to the more technical part which is the writing process. Are you skilled enough to compose a top-rated healthy eating and nutrition essay? We're about to find out.

The healthy eating argumentative essay purposes of making known your stand on given matters related to healthy eating and provide reasons as to why the preferred stance is fit and ought to be applied to the healthy eating lifestyle. For a winning healthy living argumentative essay, there are vital aspects of the writing process your essay needs to capture.

Here is a stepwise guide to top-rated healthy eating argumentative essay;

Healthy Eating Essay Topics

There's not a limit to the amount of healthy eating essay topics you could base your paper on. It all comes down to your preferences and the audience you're looking to address. Best case would be to go for trending topics, they tend to have a ready and large audience you could always look up to, plus it's a step towards solving the ongoing issues in the healthy eating lifestyle.

Meanwhile, to assist you with choosing a topic from the many healthy eating essay topics, you could consider reading magazines, watching TV shows and going through some of the previous essays on healthy eating. Among these, you'd notice that it's all about trying to convince people on matters related to healthy living. In the process, you could point out the emerging issues and some of the missing gaps you could build your healthy eating essay outline on. Ask you this;

  • Why the topic?
  • What's the significance?
  • Opposing and supportive reactions?

Some of the string working healthy eating essay topics should be having at least two different points of view. This is all to give you something to discuss on. Let not your interest get the better of you, and you end up replacing the potential to come up with a strong, healthy eating argumentative essay. Believing in something is one thing, but then going ahead to put it on paper without being subjective or bias, just staying objective all through is a different thing altogether. It requires skill which you have to practice to achieve.

For more information, look for a healthy eating essay example and appreciate some of the various aspects incorporated in the healthy eating essay writing.


You made it through the topic selection process, and now it's time to make considerations based on the topic selected. A good approach would be to sit down, take your time and come up with ideas from both sides of the coin, those in favor and the opposing ideas. After which you'll move forward to determine which side you find more convincing and that you could use to persuade your readers with. Among the critical elements of a healthy eating and nutrition essay is to touch on both sides and in process evaluate which one is more applicable to the current situation of healthy eating. Whichever side you opt for, remember that it's an academic assignment and that you ought to revolve your healthy eating essay writing around education, and this will make taking a scholarly approach in putting across your opinions on healthy eating.

Supportive Evidence

Since a healthy eating argumentative essay, unlike real life situations, is emotion free, it would be a good idea to come up with supportive evidence to back any opinions you might be coming up with just so make it valid. Only mere opinions without back up, won't count. It's all about the facts both existing and new ones. You have come up with a particular idea, having done their research and gathered enough evidence to prove their claims. Well, the central claim ought to be defended and proven valid by sections of the essay body.

Good practice would be to come up with supportive reasons for your healthy eating argumentative essay. At least four reasons that would act as topic sentences you could build a discussion from. You could try giving real-life stories to make the situation more convincing; some life changing experience you had back in the days that made you change your approach towards healthy eating and how you went about it. Mention some of the relevant researches done on healthy eating and the benefits they've had to the society concerning the ideas you came up with. Giving plain facts and opinions wouldn't win you any audience.

The Writing Process

Having formulated a working healthy eating essay outline, it's now safe to move on and work your essay structure. Just like most other academic writings would do, the structure is more or less the same except for the content. Something worth noting is that the length of the healthy eating essay matters a lot for it dramatically determines the number of paragraphs that are to be included in the essay. This will mean that you're required to coach your information in a manner as not to be too broad nor too shallow while at the same time still meet the set required word count as the per the instructor's requirements.

  1. The Introduction

Much like other forms of argumentative papers, healthy eating and nutrition essay should have an introduction. This is the welcoming of the paper with background details on what the paper is generally about. Coming up with a focused, healthy eating argumentative essay introduction can be challenging at times, and if you're not careful, you'll end up spending lots of time on it. Remember, time is of the essence, there are lots of work involved in healthy eating essay writing, and the introduction is just but one of them. Plan your work well and draft the introductory paragraph at the end of the writing for you'll have finished dealing with other sections of the paper and you'll be left with enough time to come up with a winning healthy eating essay introduction.

Here are some considerations you need to make;

  • Stay on point; remember it's the introductory paragraph not the discussion for the whole paper. So be careful with what you write, avoid excess and still to relevance.
  • Gather your information from credible sources. Ensure that what you're presenting to your reader's in undeniable, something they can't be in a position to refute. This will work towards gaining your reader's confidence, and we both know where this leads to.
  • Formulate a winning thesis statement. A good thesis should contain both the dependent and independent clause; some good sentence that makes a claim and defends it. Of note; the thesis statement is usually placed by the conclusion of the introductory paragraph and therefore be on the lookout for this to avoid disrupting the flow of ideas.
  • Appeal to the reader's emotions; your audience will surely be persuaded the moment you deploy some elements of empathy. Show to your readers' that you're sensitive to their concerns and not just writing to inform them on healthy eating habits they ought to adopt.
  1. The Body

This is the discussion of the paper. Why do you think readers should adopt the opinions you are bringing to them. You've taken your time to do adequate research on healthy eating, and from it, you found out that what and which are some of the healthy eating habits human beings ought to carry on for the betterment of their health?

Here for you to effectively get your point home, a good writer would brush off all the opposing opinions and support the proposing ideas with convincing evidence. A strong, healthy eating essay body section is made up at least four paragraphs. Remember, all these paragraphs are basing their discussion different supportive reasons based on the findings all to back the topic sentence. All these reasons ought to be shouldered with tangible pieces of evidence to prove validity. Give your readers reasons as to why you think they should accept whatever you're presenting to them and in what capacity are they to concur with you.

Tangible reasons!

An average healthy eating essay body should at least have four reasons to present to their readers. So these opinions are the leading guide of the body paragraphs; they will serve as topic sentences. Therefore, a winning approach will be for you to go further and back these opinions with findings based on healthy eating research and existing facts.

  1. The Conclusion

This is the closing paragraph of your paper. It's a quick recap on what you've earlier on mentioned on healthy eating. Quickly go ahead and revisit some sections of the introduction and merge them with the presenting shreds of evidence to stress on your point of view. You could as well relate the information to the ongoing dietary lifestyle situations.

Appeal to the reader's emotions. Get to their hearts and touch them, individual, make them feel that you understand their healthy eating habits and that you'd wish to invite to this new path that will be of great benefit to their overall health.


Simply that and you have a top rated healthy eating and nutrition essay at your desk to submit to your instructor. Remember, time is of the essence and therefore consider formulating a perfect work plan for your work. After all, this, remember to thank us later.

What's your trick to a healthy eating essay? We'd like you to share with us a healthy eating essay example.