Health Insurance Thesis

Today, the most significant concern all over the world is all about healthcare. Every family is deeply pressed by the high cost of taking care of their health with cases of diseases and illnesses. Despite all those, one fact that remains clear is that healthcare is a fundamental right shared across the entire human divide despite regardless of their social status. In essence, there is a glaring disparity that favors some families at the expense of others in as far as affordability of healthcare is concerned. This has attracted a massive debate about health insurance as many prefer an excellent covert that helps them take care of the spiraling health cost.

In learning institutions, students are tasked with writing health insurance thesis so that their lecturers can weigh their knowledge in as far as health issues are concerned. To write health insurance thesis statement, a student must appreciate the emerging health trends that need to be addressed by sound policies and the economies of scale with regards to family income and their disposable income. The big concern for this article will, therefore, be to address the processes and necessary steps that are the key when writing a health insurance thesis.

What is Health Insurance?

As contained in the articles and policies of World Health Organization, health insurance is the deliberate intervention to cover the healthcare related costs so that the citizens of a given nation can enjoy health services at an affordable price. It is all about financing the medical facilities and expenses so that people cannot incur a lot of costs when accessing health services in hospitals. It recognizes the fact that health care systems that are considered to be well functioning must be vigorously financed, must be complemented by robust policies and must be equipped with reliable machines and workforce that dispense healthcare services optimally.

To meet all the above, there must be an insurance system whereby the citizens contribute to a healthcare kitty through some form of deductions by either their employers or the government. Thesis about health insurance is, therefore, a claim statement highlighting about healthcare insurance. It tells the reader the general principle or the viewpoint of the writer in as far as the paper is concerned and with regards to healthcare insurance. Thesis statement on health insurance requires some fundamental knowledge such as:

  • Awareness of the topic to be discussed
  • Understanding of the critical points informing the argument
  • Creating the introductory account to introduce the thesis
  • Use of reliable sources of information informing the debates that the thesis intends to project or to tell the audience

The Topic to a Thesis about Health Insurance

To write good thesis statements about health insurance should be a reminder that the basis of achieving it is getting good topics. With proper research and brainstorming, students should be able to generate a good topic which will inform the whole article in addition to helping them create an adequate health insurance thesis statement. To choose a good topic;

  1. Research through reading extensively the available resources or databases which contain the right information that you want to address. Research also requires the utilization of the resources such as books which are available in the libraries. Get to learn more about the insurance firms and their position in as far the health care services are concerned, the premiums they are placing for insurance and the government's position in as far the health insurance is concerned.
  2. Brainstorming: this basically is about engaging the peers and like-minded people in generating great ideas for a topic or topics; you can then settle on the best topic and use it to create a thesis statement about health insurance.
  3. Seek assistance from the professor. The purpose of the lecturers or professors is to help their students understand their studies well. This means that a student should constantly engage the services of their tutors in seeking clarifications and generating good ideas about the tasks assigned to them. If you are stuck, the professor will, of course, help you out.
  4. Use case studies/ this are works that were previously done by other researchers: case studies might have made certain recommendations for further studies that a student can capitalize on to have a good topic which will eventually enable them to write a good thesis statement on health insurance. A research paper that establishes a gap when summering the findings is always a platform for initializing further studies. Never ignore them.

Understanding the Major Points

Thesis statement for health insurance is hinged on some strong points generated from research or in-depth studies. When reading or trying to understand the concept you want to write about, note the key points and jot them down. Revise these points severally to see if they are making sense to you and then try the much you can to understand them. Every thesis statement contains one or two points that are essential for the argument that the writer intends to put across. The more points you have, the better because you will be able to settle on the strongest ones and eliminate the ones which do not compliment the thesis statement for health insurance. Example of major points could be:

  • Number of reported accident cases
  • The insurance position in as far as the accident is concerned
  • The governments' contribution to the health insurance fund
  • The suffering of the accident victim's families

Creating the Introductory Statement to Introduce Thesis about Health Insurance

Every good thesis statement for health insurance must be preceded by good introductory statements. Just like a good essay, the writer begins by providing some background information to let the readers know what they intend to tell them albeit not overtly. It would be plain and boring to go straight into the thesis statement without telling your readers briefly about the reasons for informing your task. In this part, it is also imperative that the key terms or concepts be clarified so that the readers can be able to tie them to the health thesis statement about health insurance

Example of an introduction preceding health insurance thesis statement can be written in the following manner:

Car accidents in the United States have reached an alarming rate with many families suffering fatal and life-threatening accidents. According to the latest reports, hospitals are receiving hundreds of thousands of car accident victims annually with some fatal injuries. Additionally, several deaths some of which are not reported are claimed to be rampant on the roads. As the government engages in all possible effort to deal with those responsible for causing the accidents, the key concern is the cost of treating the victims and compensating their families. The insurance firms are skeptical about offering full medical cover to the victims and they are calling on the government to pump in more money into their kitty to allow them to offer full insurance cover. The implications of road accidents on healthcare insurance is oppressive to the victims who are taxed heavily and forced to make extra payments especially when they have been released from the hospitals and they are receiving home-based care.

Identification of Reliable and Credible Sources for Generating Ideas for Health Insurance Thesis

Writing requires some ethical consideration. When undertaking the task of writing statements about health insurance, it is imperative to consider the source of the data that goes into the thesis statement; as much as the statement is a representation of the writer's viewpoint, it should at the same time be informed by facts and provable ones for that matter. Some sources are not only unreliable but are invalid in the sense that they are not factual. The writer should also consider the age of the source they are using given that information are subject to constant changes, therefore, they may find themselves using old information that has been overtaken by new developments. In this context, plagiarism is also highly discouraged and a good thesis must be as original as possible and should not be a copy of another writers work.

Formulation of Thesis about Health Insurance

It is never easy to formulate a strong thesis statement about health insurance, because, such acclaim statement takes a longer process of thinking that cannot be overlooked. As earlier mentioned several considerable factors come into play and should be factored in by the writer or the creator of a thesis statement about health insurance. There are similarities and differences in terms of the points summing up to a good thesis statement on health insurance. Such cases ought not to be overlooked by the writer because he or she will need to put a strong case in the thesis based on the variations by other authors.

A convincing thesis claim emanates from ideas that are deeply generated and it also considers the entire document. Because the aim of the claim is to guide the readers through the paper, it is imperative that the writer exercises some form of flexibility bearing in mind that a suitable thesis statement for health insurance will have to undergo several adjustments to fit the context. The changes will, of course, be necessitated by new information acquired as the writer continues researching.

Writing Tips for Thesis Statement for Health Insurance

Tips for Writing Your Thesis Statement

The first and critical point to consider is the determination of the type of healthcare paper being written or is supposed to be written. In this case, there are healthcare insurance papers that are meant to break down the issues into smaller parts for the readers to understand. They are best known as analytical articles. In other words, establishing the purpose of the paper is the key to having a greater thesis about health insurance. Go further and carry out audience analysis.

Consider if the paper is meant to give further explanations about something to the audience so that they can understand it not only from the writer's perspective but also from the perspective of the sources used. This is also known as the expository approach. Also, consider if your purpose is to make an argument about something. Ordinarily, this would be the strongest option for a stronger statement about health insurance because the argumentative approach is meant to convey a strong message affirming the viewpoint of the writer on atopic or an issue that is the subject of discussion. It is backed by evidence and stronger ones for that matter.

The second and equally important point of consideration is ensuring that the thesis statement for health insurance is by all means very specific. In other words, only the content of what will be discussed further in the paper should be contained in the thesis. It should not be about issues that are very divergent from the main topical idea as will be elucidated in the body of the paper.

The third point to consider is that a thesis about health insurance should be put at the last lines of the introductory paragraph just as highlighted in the example used previously. The preceding sentences should, however, usher the statement smoothly. You can use transitional words and phrases to coherently join the sentences.

Health Insurance Thesis Statement Examples

The analytical health insurance thesis statement:

There is evidence to the effect that Hospitals analyses the nature of health insurance one has before they accept accident victims.

An example of an explanatory health insurance thesis statement:

The cost of healthcare services for the poor in the United States of America is unattainable given the lack of good health insurance policies.

An example of a healthcare insurance thesis that takes the argumentative approach:

Health insurance should be mandatory and the government should ensure that they give health insurance schemes more funds to cover for road accidents victims.


Writing a thesis about health insurance is not as difficult as one may think if all the issues as discussed are put into consideration. Thesis statements serve as the backbone of all the essays thus endearing them to the readers. Health insurance thesis statement gives the readers a roadmap to the thinking of the writer plus exposing them to the real contention of the article thus benefitting them greatly.