Famous American Writers

Literature is a full front encompassing lots of subjects. This ranges from books, scholarly works by renowned authors and essays. During your time in colleges, the lecturers as well assign students with some of the tasks to come up with essays and poems. This can be based on your experiences or the subject in question. This process can be quite challenging for many students, and all they could use is some inspiration and mentorship from some of these famous American writers.

Some of these renowned essayists in America can help you assess as to whether the writing is indeed something you should try out and even so what can one do to be excellent essay writers. These famous American writers started with excelling in essays and poems in school, and through that, they're now renowned essay writers. Some of the leading publications by prominent American writers are based on personal experiences, fiction, or maybe a short narrative to send a message. Others have gone ahead to talk about the native history of America appreciating the various eras that American literature has been through and emerged.

Great essayists of time published notable works as compared to some of the novels. Their main focus was on subjects like;

  • Personal reflection
  • American history
  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • Autobiographies
  • Nonfiction

For upcoming essay writers, it would best to appreciate some of the essays and poems on these topics. This would help you understand the nuances of essay writing and build you to become a good essay writer. Go through several publications by famous American writers and practice some of their literary traditions of literature.

Our team has managed to come up with a list of the famous American writers in history. Our rationale was based on the top-rated publications by these writers for they possess vital skills you'd wish to acquire as a writer. Plus we've mentioned some of the writers you won't miss to come across their works in any field of literature you attempt to study. Be on the lookout for some of their fantastic skills in writing.

Top Ranked Famous American Writers

You'd agree with us that American literature has come too far. Back then, when Americans used to model their manuscripts based on British literary traditions. It was after independence in 1776 that American literature took a different turn and began evolving. Even after independence, they still used to publish their kinds of writing in Europe. Looking at the novelist William Hill Brown- Power of Sympathy (1789), even this was edited in by British publishers.

Over time, USA literature matured to what it is today, and as they say, great things take time.

  1. Scott Fitzgerald

This is among the famous writer's American literature lives to celebrate to date. Some of their excellent publications are well recognized, and you won't miss finding at least one in all the major outlets in the United States of America. Scott, 1896, is famous for his significant contribution to a few of the leading narratives based on personal experiences in America.

His moment of reckoning was the ‘Jazz Era.' He is much recognized for being a member of the ‘Lost Generation.' He wrote 150 pieces, and four of them come out top to be featured in the leading USA gazettes of his century. The guy was a character that is truly something else. He lived a life of optimism and a strong belief in achieving what's beyond our reach. He succeeded in expressing this through his famous novel The Great Gatsby. This was quite a piece that reached heights even to be filmed more than once in some of the top entertainment fronts. There's a film by the famous Leonardo Decaprio on the story that shows clearly the story of an American dream come true.

There were other top novels like;

  • The Beautiful and the Damned
  • The Side of Paradise

Scott was a real inspiration to many young essayists and youths who dared to dream.

  1. James Baldwin

You've come across this name once or twice, or maybe you have one of his books by your desk right now as you're going this article. Well, we wouldn't be surprised for we know quite well his distinctive contribution to American literature. James was born in 1924, and as a young boy, he grew up with his stepfather who worked in the church as a servant of God. His entire upbringing, Baldwin never got a chance to know who his true daddy was and this pain is well pronounced and felt in some of his famous novels;

  • Giovanni's Room
  • Tell me when the train left

James started his writing career in Greenwich Village and has since then been a great inspiration to the poverty stroke locals who needed someone who'd uplift them and remind them of a better tomorrow. The village has since lived to praise and recognize James as their community hero.

Many of his works are based on the events that surrounded his era, and as at theta moment, the main bone of contention was racism. He had to remind people about the importance of equality for all and how noble it is to respect human rights. He faced a lot of challenges from forces against him, and this prompted him to move to France. Some of James' great pieces of literature include

  • The Evidence of Things Not Seen
  1. Norman Mailer

New Jersey State gave us this distinguishing essay writer who's famous for his significant contribution to USA literature. He worked alongside a few of the famous writers like Truman Capote. Remembered for his great works in the line of creative nonfiction; this type of writing approach makes use of aspects of journalism. Besides, Mailer made comments on culture and was as well a critic; you'd notice this when you go through some of his publications like The White Negro.

Over his 59 years of writing, he managed to come up with 12 novels. This was after he mastered the French language and culture and later on published a book by the name The Naked and the Dead. This was a top novel during his era having been the bestselling novel for some time, going over a million copies during the first year. It talked about combat and is to date remembered among the leading wartime novels in the history of American literature.

His love for literature came during his study at the College of Harvard, prompting him to begin his writing at eighteen years. He is remembered in that institution as one of the best essayists and was honored for doing so. Some of his top essays include;

  • Pieces and Ponifications

Drop by any library today, and you won't miss finding his top works of literature.

  1. Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway was among the famous writers during the modern time era. The writer expresses his sadness about the confused society of today. How well can one rise from some of the societal norms that hold us back from achieving our best and grooming self-esteem? In his books, A Farewell to Arms and The Sun Also Rises. History lives to remember such outstanding writers who'll live to inspire generations to come.

Among the significant contributions is introducing g the shortest essay writing. Hemingway took many by surprise when he added a six words essay that to date is something to remember. He used the most straightforward approaches to composing his essays. Most of his essays and poems were easy to read and straightforward. He kept of ambiguity and complexity in every one of the works but strived to make people understand the intent of his message.

Some of his great works include;

  • In Our Time
  • The Old Man and the Sea
  • The Garden of Eden
  1. Joan Didion

This famous American writer is still breathing. You can as well call her and ask how she made it in the literature industry. As young as five years old, Joan started writing her essays and poems. This was a significant milestone for her while she stayed back at home and her parents left for work. Within the house, there were several books based on different subjects of literature. Joan managed to read all the books in the house. Such approaches are what geared her towards writing and even better developed her interest in writing.

Later on in life, she got a Bachelor's degree in the English language. This was a big step that assisted with improving her writing skills by adopting more literary styles of writing and appreciating the many traditions. You won't miss mentioning Joan whenever you recognized the famous essayists in the 20th century. She later worked with the popular Vogue magazine, and you'd agree with us that not many get a chance to work with them.

Some of her great works include;

  • Run
  • Salvador
  • After Henry
  1. Stephen King

Who doesn't know Stephen King? If at all, you're a horror fan, at some point you've come across some of his great works in literature. Born in the state of Maine, and at the moment resides in Bangor town. Over his entire writing career, he has published 52 novels and several short stories. Stephen has managed to get some of his horror narratives filmed, and they've gained quite an audience. History lives to remember Stephen's contribution to horror literature.

Stephen's devotion to work inspired many people. More often than not, this author has proved to us how excellent he is at scaring and suspense. Seemingly, the writing seems to run in blood as his parent was an excellent essayist but then didn't make it to greater heights, but then his son did the honors.

The book Carrie was a gamble for this writer for even ended up throwing it in the trash bin as he lacked inspiration in composing the story. Nonetheless, the lover who kept watch over his writings piled the manuscripts from the trash bin and motivated him to write more. Look at him today!

His primary focus is on supernatural fiction, suspense and fantasy. The recognized pieces include;

  • Great Hookers I Have Known
  • Head Down
  1. John Smith

Despite him being a British settler, the major part of his writing life was during his exploration in America. Therefore he is recognized as a USA writer. You can't stop by a library in Virginia and not bump into one of the notable works by this renowned explorer and later a colonial legislator. His primary focus was on the events surrounding his tenure as a leader and some of the challenging circumstances during the white exploration. His works were later published in the early 17th century and are to date in American libraries. This great explorer captured some of his thrilling experiences in his writings that to date is being referred to whenever one is following up on American colonial history.

  1. Robert Atwan

This is another famous writer from the state aside from Norman Mailer. He is recognized by two top universities for his contribution to essays and poems as a whole. The college of Rutgers and Seton Hall honored his works for being top among the entire century students. His entire life was majored on composing shorts and captivating stories. These include;

  • Poems and Essays

Robert claims that his favorite volume of essays is Best Essays 1986. This was his debut, and the author faced a hard time finding a publisher. "It was all like a dream," Atwan says during an interview with the Assay journal. Over time Atwan had developed a deeper relationship with academics than when he started, and this has been attributed to the enormous contributions his works have made in higher institution learning. Some of his essays are used as a benchmark and used as literature. Literature will leave to remember him.


Literature is wide, and some of these American writers have works published in almost all the subjects of research. This ranges from nonfiction, comedy, romance, and even autobiographies. Going through their pieces, you'd appreciate that writing is truly an art, and it requires a skill.

Who are some of your favorite famous American writers?