Essay Writing Guide

Reflective and so on

There are a lot of essay types, as you can see. Choose the type of essay which you like the most and start the creative process. Remember, no matter what type of essay you have chosen, you must show your own, original vision of the problem.

Writing Essay Help. The Structure of the essay

Any written work and any text have:


By "introduction" and "conclusion" we can mean the first and last paragraph. These elements of the text are not just a formality. They are very important. The first paragraph or the first part of the text describes the problem which will be discussed in the essay. You don't need to write a long introduction - one or two paragraphs would be enough. Remember that the main part of your essay must be much longer than the intro or a conclusion.

2 Main part

The main part requires the most attention. Especially when making up the plan. It can have different


Assertion-argumentation, assertion-argumentation, assertion-argumentation, etc. In this case, we fix the idea, at first, then we prove it. This writing essay help scheme is good so you can freely use it.

Reverse structure (facts-conclusion). We describe the situation or give the facts, draw a conclusion. We must repeat this algorithm several times.

Assertion and several arguments (facts). In this case, one idea is confirmed by several illustrations. The assertion can be both at the beginning and after these illustrations.

By "assertion" we mean a short finished thought that the essayist wants to convey to the reader of the essay. The argument is proof of the assertion. This can be the life situation, the news, the scientist's opinion, a scientific theory or a proven scientific fact.

Ideally, one assertion must be supported by two arguments. Because the essayist's viewpoint must seem to be unconvincing for the reader. However, you are free to use any number of arguments to your assertion - it depends on the thought itself, the logic of the narrative, the size of the essay.

3 Conclusion

In conclusion, as a rule, the auteurs summarize everything that was said in the essay. The author

summarizes everything that was written together with the reader. It is important to make not far-fetched conclusions which came out of nowhere. The conclusion must evoke the reader's emotions and bring him or her to a logical final after reading the main part of your work.

Follow this essay writing structure to create an amazing piece of work.

Writing Essay Help. Structure of The Main Part of The Text

It is crucial that the main part was built according to the laws of logicality. You can go from simple to complex, you can analyze or synthesize, apply the method of deduction and induction. To make an expedient text, you should:

— fix the assertions;

— choose a few arguments to the assertions;

— write ideas in a consistent order: one idea should come from another.

Now you have a detailed plan. It remains to write the text according to your plan - and your essay will be almost ready. But before you start working on the text, check whether the assertions are built in a logical sequence and whether the proofs are sufficiently convincing.

Write my Essay. Where to start from?

It's better to start writing the main part of the text. The introduction and conclusion will be easier to finish after the main part - after you make sure that the basis of your essay is expedient and understandable to the reader. If you have taken care of a detailed plan, you can write according to your plan - it will be easy for you. It also happens, that you are lazy to write an essay, there is no time or mood. In this case, you can order it from the essay writing service. A few hours and everything will be ready if you use the services of Write My Essay, the best essay writing service available on the Internet. Choose only a reliable company which will create a real masterpiece in the shortest time.

Writing Essay Help: Common Mistakes

Here are some essay help tips, or it's better to say mistakes which you should avoid:

More lyrics! The lyrics capture the reader. It will be very interesting for a reader to know about the

beautiful sunsets you see or how you enjoy the birds singing and the flowers bloom. Apply more old epithets, more metaphors, and comparisons - they will surely appreciate this. If they can. (Don't forget that these are the pranksterish advice. Apply them only if you want your essay to leave a bad impression on your readers.)

The longer introduction, the better.

Be sure to tell the readership about your life, about who your relatives and grandparents are, about your pets and hobbies. The intro which covers half of the essay will certainly interest the reader. They will be incredibly happy to know all this information.

Do not concretize anything. Common words - that's what you need!

Tell about how it's great that you have decided to become a teacher, translator, engineer, manager, what excellent location your University or office has and so on. They ask you to write about what you would like to alter in your University? Be sure to tell about the professional development of lecturers and salary growth. Do not provide any specific names or facts.

More facts!

You do not know how to exaggerate? Then start filling the essay with facts. Surnames, dates, names of researches, their results, city, and world news - everything will be good. Your reader will surely be impressed by your erudition and ability to work with information.

Make your conclusions shorter - you write for academics who are able to see the logical facts and sum up the results. The longer the sentence, the more intelligent looks, the author.

Remember the classics and their half-page statements? You can also do that - you need a little bit of practice and soon you will be able to use long figures of speech in your essays too. Use as many sophisticated and long words as possible, make long and wordy sentences. In this way, you will look more intelligent for your readers. The reader will simply be struck after the first paragraph of your essay and stop read it because he or she will be disappointed in her or his own intelligence. But who cares about this? The most important thing is to demonstrate how intelligent you are.

Never check your essay!

You did not write for yourself, you wrote for others, so let these others read your essay and admire your talent. It does not matter how many mistakes your story will contain and how logical the presentation will seem for the reader. You are a real talent who doesn't need proofreading or editing.

Follow these tips and you will be able to write the most "brilliant" opuses. Perhaps your readers will even keep them as a memento. Don't you want this? Ok, these were facetious tips. We beg you not to follow them if you want to get a well-written essay.

Write according to the rules or order an essay from a Pro. Carefully choose the company which will do this work for you. Review the company's site and read the feedbacks. If everything suits you, make an order. Use the services of reliable companies only, such as Write My Essay. The staff of this essay writing service is really highly qualified and is always ready to help you to write the best essay.

If you can't write properly and all your school essays you ordered for money or copied ready-made works from the Internet, the essay may seem unattainable top for you. Do not despair. Write the way you would do it for a blog. Re-read, correct everything you need, give it to a friend who will check your work. If you still don't manage to compose your writing work, use the services of the professionals. But order an essay only if you do not have time, and the topic of the essay is boring. In other cases, try to write an essay by yourself - the ability to express your thoughts competently will be useful for you. We wish you good luck and creative inspiration. Remember, nothing is impossible!

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