Education thesis statement

Being required to write an education thesis statement might be strange to you or seem to be too difficult to handle. This is because technical proficiency is required for you to create an original thesis statement. Here, we attempt to spell out all the processes involved in an education thesis statement.

Your education essay can be analytical where you break down the idea of education into its parts, evaluate the idea and then present both the breakdown and the evaluation to your target audience. Otherwise, it can be expository where your focus is on stating facts that explain education to your audience. It can also be an argumentative essay where you make a stance about education and then you justify this stance with specific evidence with the aim of convincing the audience that your stance is right. In any of these types of education essays, a thesis statement is paramount. And you don't just string a few sentences together and call it a thesis statement, you put in the work to develop an original education thesis statement.

Education thesis statement definition

Actually, a thesis statement on education follows the same pattern of a thesis statement. Just in case you're wondering what a thesis statement is, it is those first sentences you look out either consciously or unconsciously when you read an essay. Every essay you write has the main idea, a central message or idea which all the ensuring ideas and arguments in the essay reflect. A thesis statement captures and condenses this central idea.

The thesis statement for education is that one or two sentences in the essay which provides the topic of the essay as well as a comment on your stance as regards the topic. Apart from informing your audience on what the education essay encapsulates, the education thesis guides the trajectory of your essay and helps you in keeping the essay's argument focused.

Why do i need a thesis statement?

The thesis statement is among the most relevant elements of any A+ standard essay. The reasons for this are because:

  1. The thesis statement governs the essay's subject matter and it states something important to the reader
  2. The thesis statement condenses the central message of the essay and it is that statement (s) that tells the reader why the essay is worth reading. Just like the abstract in an article or a long essay, the thesis statement shortly tells the reader if the essay is a text to even be bothered with.
  3. The thesis statement focuses on the writer and helps with the clarity, content, and preciseness of the essay.

Factors to consider for an education thesis statement

Before writing your thesis statement for education essay, there are some questions you need to ask, some factors you need to put into consideration. Without these factors, you cannot generate an original thesis statement.

Types of Thesis Statements: Just as there are types of essays, there are also types of thesis statements - the argumentative and the explanatory. An explanatory thesis just declares the subject matter to the audience without announcing any position that needs to be defended. On the other hand, the argumentative thesis statement is neither an individual response to a specific topic nor s factual statement. The argumentative thesis is a claim that incites oppositions, readers might decide to contest it. Your education thesis statement could either be explanatory or argumentative, depending on the type of essay and angle of ideas.

The Position of the Thesis Statement: The thesis statement is located at the end of the introductory paragraph. The education thesis statement should be planted early because it gives the reader an idea of what the essay is all about. So instead of the reader plunging headlong into the essay blindfolded, the reader is armed with a sense of direction. In order for your thesis statement on education to be original and effective, it is important that you avoid burying it in the middle of several other paragraphs. But do not indicate your thesis statement with sentence structures such as "The point of my essay is”. Subtly introduce your thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph in such a way that it stands out.

The Length of the Statement: Typically, a statement is regarded to be the proper length for a thesis statement. But in some cases, the depth of the essay can determine its length. So, some essays can require more than a statement as long as they are concise and clear. But the fact still remains that the more direct and the shorter the thesis statement is, the more assertive and confident you sound.

Specific and Clear: You should ensure that your thesis statement is as clear and specific as possible. A sprawling, broad and superficial thesis is definitely not an original thesis statement. Your original statement should be focused, crisp and narrow. By making sure your thesis statement is clear, you directly ensure that your reader fully comprehends what you mean. As your thesis statement for education isn't a technical text, there shouldn't be any technical language involved. And if you decide to include educational jargon into the essay, it is imperative that you explain its meaning to readers. Also, in your thesis statement, you should avoid vague and abstract words that do not specifically hit the nail on the head.

Writing the education thesis statement

The thesis statement for education should basically support three things - purpose, audience, and content. As you commence your education essay, be conscious about the thesis statement, determine the key point of your essay to be included in the statement. The thesis statement is the main structuring tool of the essay and as such, it plays a pivotal role. Despite the great role that the thesis statement plays, you should not hinder the entire writing process trying to come up with a perfect thesis statement. Hence the need for a "working thesis”. As the name suggests, a working thesis is one that is still "in progress”. You cannot construct the perfect thesis statement until you are done writing the entire education essay. Draft out a working thesis statement that can guide you as the writer through composing the essay. You can start the thesis statement with "I am of the belief that…” followed by either a claim or factual statement that includes the key topic to be explored in the essay. With the working thesis, you can rest assured that you do not have to create the standard A+ statement at the initiation of the essay. The working thesis leaves room for flexibility in your writing.

Still, you do not jump on even the working thesis after getting the education essay question. Before developing the working thesis, you should have first collected data and organized the relevant evidence to the education topic. Identify the relationships between the facts you have garnered on the topic (the similarities and disparities). After systematically thinking on the topic and then organizing your thoughts, you should be able to come up with a working thesis that serves as a road mad to the essay.

Revising the working thesis statement

The best part of developing a working thesis is that as you progress in your education essay, you can always revise it to meet the requirements of the essay. The first step to transforming your working thesis into an independent strong original statement is to cut the "I am of the belief that” from the beginning of the thesis. Assert your opinion and your thoughts. Instead of "I am of the belief that learning can be defined by formal education.”, you can have "Formal education defines learning.”

Now, the audience will be interested in following your train of thoughts. Considering the fact that as you work on your education essay, new ideas can pop up, revising your working thesis until it reflects all the main ideas seem to be the best choice.

Education 101

There is an essential need to know the basics of education before you can come up with a suitable thesis statement for your education essay. Here, we will examine the basics of education.

Let's start with the basic term - education, what does it mean? Education is the process which enables learning and acquiring skills, knowledge, beliefs, values, and habits. Education can be considered the transference of the accumulated values and knowledge of a society, Education often occurs under the guidance and instructions of educators but in some cases, the learners educate themselves. Generally speaking, experiences that have a formative impact on the way a person feels, thinks or act can be regarded as educational.

Educational Methods

There are various ways through which education can be imparted. They include;

  • Discussion
  • Teaching
  • Storytelling
  • Directed research
  • Training and
  • Observation

Types of Education

There are different types of education and they include:

  1. Formal Education: This kind of education is one in which teaching and learning occur under a structured and rigid setting with the sole intention of teaching the students. Commonly, formal education occurs in a schooling environment with numerous classrooms containing several students, all learning through a fully trained and certified teacher of the particular subject. Most of the formal school systems revolve around a set of governing values that determine educational choices such as; the organizational models, the curriculum and syllabus, the layout of the learning spaces, assessment techniques, the interaction between students and teacher, class size and more.

The formal education system is divided into stages: the kindergarten or pre-school, primary school, secondary school and then university, college or apprenticeship. The stages vary according to the different ages of the students

  1. Vocational Education: This type of education is focused on training students practically on a particular craft or trade. It may come in the form of an internship or apprenticeship. Other forms of vocational education include courses taught at institutions such as agriculture, carpentry, architecture, medicine, arts, and engineering.
  1. Informal Education: This can occur in different kinds of places ranging from work, home, daily interactions and while socializing with members of the community. Most often, cultural norms, language acquisition, and manners are learned at the informal level. Informal education occurs outside structured establishments and does not follow a stated curriculum.
  1. Special Education: This form of education focuses on disabled children who were formerly not eligible for public education. Now, they can receive intensive education on functional skills and individualized instructions.

Importance of Education

According to Nelson Mandela, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Education is important for various reasons;

  • It is important to make an impact on the social and economic growth of a nation
  • With education, you have a guarantee for a successful and prosperous living
  • It empowers minds to conceive good ideas and thoughts
  • Expands and enlightens students to make better life decisions
  • It enables students to become good professionals, business moguls, parents, and trustworthy citizens
  • Education introduces a certain kind of joy and creativity in the mind

The checklist

After revising your working thesis into an original and independent thesis statement, there are certain questions you need to ask to evaluate the strength of your thesis:

  • Does my thesis statement introduce the target audience to the central idea of the education essay?
  • Is my thesis too general or vague? Are there ways I can make it more specific for my readers?
  • Is the thesis statement relevant to the progression of the essay?
  • Are the grammar and lexicon employed in my thesis statement correct? Are there some words I need to cut down on or some that I need to add?
  • Do I feel comfortable that my thesis statement can pique the interest of readers?

In conclusion

Writing a thesis statement for education essay depends on how well you are able to articulate and condense the main ideas of your essay into one or two sentences. It also depends on how well you are able to employ words that capture the interest of the reader and keep them interested in the body of the essay. After following all the above-discussed procedures, you should be fully capable of creating an original standard thesis statement that catches the attention of the target audience.