Child Safety Essay Example


When you conduct a research online, you would see various child safety essay topics and some child safety essay example. All this are in a bid to ensure people have a grasp on the degree of importance of child safety.

There are some child safety essay topics which would define child safety is an important aspect of our lives. Other child safety essay example would say, it is an essential feature which must not be overlooked, owing to the fact that they are the future of tomorrow. They are the ones who are set to take over from us in all spheres of life, and we must not jeopardize that prospect either because of our carelessness or ignorance.

Basically speaking, a child can be defined as a human being who is between the birth stage and puberty. Better put, a child is a human being who is between the early stages of life and puberty. In the legal field, a child is referred to as a minor.

Child safety happens to be one of the quintessence for the healthy growth of a child, and parents need to make sure that their children are kept far away from all forms of risks which has the capacity to adversely affect them both physically and mentally.

In addition to this, a child safety essay outline would further explain that, children need to be kept safe from negative habits, characters and words. They also need to be protected from diseases so that their lives would be cut short. This protection would also make sure that children are kept secured from all forms of suffering, child abuse and reckless abandon.

It is however essential that child safety be balanced, so that it would not transcend into overprotection, as it has a negative effect on the raising of a child, which also affects the peculiar development of the child negatively.

Hence, a child safety essay outline would highlight that, profound measures should be in place in order to ensure that there is a firm balance between the upbringing of a child and protection as well. While they are in school, children are exposed to different forms of risks, and it is up to the teachers in the school to make sure that they are well protected.

The Role Of Parents In Child Safety

Parents too need to show their concern about the safety of their children, even while they are at school, and they should ensure that the measures which are meant for the safety of their children, are also in place, and they are sufficient and effective. In addition to the safety of a child, parents should make efforts to ensure that their success and development process is also in play.

Studies such as a child safety argumentative essay, has shown that children spend an ample amount of time with their teachers, and hence it is important for the families or guardians of these children, to always emphasize messages which has to do with studying, on their children, once they are not in school.

According to most child safety argumentative essay, or essay about child safety, you would see that Parents have important roles to play in ensuring that their children are successful, and it includes the following: encouraging learning, encouraging the value of education, having profound expectations, helping children to make good and important decisions, going through their performance and making them accountable for their actions.

Putting all these measures in place would make sure that, there is a balance between the training and protection of the child, at home and in school. This ideal balance would make sure that children are not overprotected, as they would be able to carry out the normal activities which they love, while staying free and protected from risks.

The Role Of Teachers In Child Safety

If you read an essay about child safety or any essay for child safety, it is seen that Children are likely to be objects of violence, abuse and the likes. Some might take place within the school premises, while some could occur anywhere else. For the abuse which can occur in the school, it is the responsibility of the teachers to ensure that it is nipped in the bud.

It is an important aspect which should not be ignored, because teachers can be likened to be the parents of these children once they are in school, and hence, it is their responsibility to ensure that they are safe.

Teachers also need to bear in mind that, their responsibility of protecting children does not just take place within the school premises, it also transcends to the open world. A child's life who is not within the school's system can be positively changed because of the intervention of a teacher.

A standard essay for child safety would inform that, a teacher needs to know the rights of children, and make the necessary awareness in the community for people to know. In addition to this, they need to ensure that children know the worth behind coming to school and attending classes. It does not just boil down to their academic pursuit alone, their safety in the community is also important.

Hence, it is up to the teacher to ensure that all classes are very interesting, educative and informative, and using such atmosphere, it would be easy to pass across the needed safety tips which are advantageous for the children.

The teacher should also make sure that the children take part in healthy activities within the school premises, and even those which requires them to be involved in the community. Their protection is not just essential within the school premises; it is needed in the community as well.

The Thing Line Between Child-Safety And Over-Protection

When it comes to ensuring the safety of a child, some parents get it wrong, and it usually ends up bad for them. Parents need to understand that the safety of a child is paramount. However, it must be done appropriately so that it does not become overprotection.

Basically, according to many child safety essay, parents become overprotective when they do not allow their children from doing what they love. Most times, these things are normal activities for children, but they are prevented from doing so by their parents because of fear. This overprotection has an adverse effect on children because these normal activities are crucial in remodelling their personality.

Being overprotective on a child has the capacity to adversely affect the self-confidence of the child, and also his success. Parents who are overprotective are usually of the opinion that they are ensuring the safety of their children. The sad part is, they are not aware of the fact that employing this pattern of parenting has negative effects on their children.

This form of parenting will make their children to lack the needed skills for having a good life, which would aid them in standing up to the challenges of life, and having a good personality. They would also be dependent rather than being independent.

With reference to a child safety essay, Children who grow up under the over-protection of their parents, are usually adults who do not have a sense of responsibility, both to themselves and others as well. It is essential for parents to give their children the necessary training which would make them have a sense of belonging, responsibility and purpose.

Ten Tips To Maintain Child Safety

1. Teach Them To Be Composed & Supportive

This is one way to guarantee the safety of your child. You would need to teach your child to imbibe the act of being composed and reassuring at all times. They should always be well-prepared and not hasty in whatever expedition they are about to embark on. They should also not be fearful, as they should put on full confidence wherever they go, and in whatever they do.

According to a standard child safety essay writing, teaching your children this would go a long way in ensuring their safety, and this is a lesson which can both be taught by parents and teachers, thereby serving as a constant reminder both at home and school as well.

2. Teach Them Never To Walk Alone

A good number of times, the risk of a child getting harmed is higher when the child is alone, than when the child is in groups. When it comes to a case of kidnapping for instance, criminals who indulge in that act, would rather wait till when the child is alone, before perpetrating the act. Hence, parents and teachers need to teach children that, they should always imbibe the habits of walking in groups. It could be small groups of two or three. In addition to this, they should also be taught not to walk in lonely or deserted areas. In this case, even though they are in groups, such lonely places should be evaded.

3. Teach Them Not To Ride With Strangers

When your children are asked to share a ride with someone who they do not know, their answer must always be in the negative. The fact is, we do not know who the stranger could be, the person could be a criminal camouflaged as a good individual. Children have not really attained the age where they can know someone who is pretending to be who they are not. Hence, parents and teachers need to constantly remind children that, they should avoid cases like this. They need to be informed that you would not send anyone who they do not know, to pick them up.

4. Teach Them To Identify With Trusted Adults

As children, the people who they should trust, are limited. As earlier mentioned, they have not gotten to the age where they can fully distinguish the good ones from the bad. Because of this, it is necessary for them to have a small circle when it comes to the issue of trust. Teachers and parents have the responsibility of helping children to know adults who they can trust. This is very simple to achieve, as the child should only identify with adults who are either known to their parents and teachers. That way, if anything happens, the child would be able to easily point out the individual.

5. Teach Them To Set Body Boundaries

Imbibing this act in children is something which is highly beneficial to them. Children do not have an idea on how dangerous it is for someone to fiddle with their body parts, and if they do not stop whoever does that to them, it is detrimental to their physical health. Hence, children should be though to protect themselves by fixing certain body boundaries, disallowing everyone from playing with their private parts. Even if they are persuaded, and they are implored not to tell anyone, children should make it a point of duty to report anyone who tries to sexually abuse them.

6. Teach Them Telephone Skills

Children should learn how to seek help with the telephone when no one is around, and this is why they should be taught how to use the telephone to reach out for help. They should learn the necessary emergency lines, so that they can use it when they are in dire need of help.

7. Teach Them Road Safety

When it comes to safety on the road, children do not really know how it works, unless they are taught. One interesting feature about children is, they are always open to learning. Hence, if you teach them a lesson, and they understand fully, they would always apply it when it is appropriate. Children need to be told how to use the road properly, they should avoid playing on the road, and they should know how to use the road signs. They should also understand how to walk on the road when there is traffic, and also when the road is free.

8. Teach Them Safety In The Kitchen

Inasmuch as the kitchen is a place which is known to make people happy, it is also a potential danger zone. Accidents are likely to occur when children carry out certain acts without proper supervision. This is one responsibility which is the basic role of parents. Children should not be allowed into the kitchen unless they are called into. They should not also get into the kitchen if there is no one around.

9. Teach Them Pool Safety

A good number of homes have their own pools, and it is advantageous because it provides an atmosphere to relax and have fun. However, it is also a prospective death zone, as drowning has been known to be one of the biggest instances of death in children, and sometimes it occurs without the knowledge of the parents. The only way this can be prevented, is ensuring that the pool is fenced, and the entrance should be a lockable one.

10. Teach Them Safety In Cars

Children need to be taught on how to observe safety in cars, they should not be left to themselves. Whenever they are in the car, they should always use the seat belt, and observe other necessary measures.


A proficient child safety essay writing would tell you that, the safety of a child is something which should not be toyed with. They are young individuals who have lots of prospects to become well-meaning individuals, who would contribute positively to the society. In this regard, their life should be treated with optimum care. They are vulnerable, and likely to be at risk. Hence, all hands must be put on deck to make sure that they are kept safe at all cost.