Bankruptcy Thesis Statement

At first sight, writing a new bankruptcy thesis statement sounds complicated and impossible, but it is completely opposite. The main reason for this is the fact bankruptcy is an obvious term and it is easy to find strong arguments that support it. Today, we will guide you through the entire process and assist you in writing the best possible thesis of this kind.

Writing a bankruptcy thesis statement when the topic is assigned

In most cases, you will have to write a thesis statement about bankruptcy with a pre-assigned topic. Your professor or mentor will usually give you the topic. It can be something like "Write an essay regarding the biggest bankruptcy in the history of the United States.'' If this is the topic, you will need a thesis statement which sounds like:

"Companies famous for biggest bankruptcy of all times that have occurred in the history of the United States.''

The goal here is to form a thesis statement according to the precise topic you have. It must be direct and based on the topic which your professor provided and it must answer the logical question. There is a very little variation you can use and in most cases writing a thesis is extremely easy. Just keep in mind that a thesis statement should be logical and straightforward. It isn't a question, therefore, avoid thesis statements that are available in the form of questions. They must be avoided at all cost.

Writing a thesis statement on bankruptcy when the topic isn't provided

It is a bit more complicated, yet still manageable. All you need to do is to look at the main subject. We already know it. It is bankruptcy and we can extend it into a valid thesis statement. When the topic isn't assigned, it means that you should choose your own one. Some students prefer this alternative and we agree with them. It is much easier to write about something you partially like than something you completely dislike.

To summarize, the main subject is bankruptcy and now you need to form a thesis statement. Here you want to incorporate several main aspects. First of all, you need to address an issue and make sure you have provided strong arguments to prove you have a strong opinion about that very problem. A decent thesis statement may sound like:

"Examining the most common issues which lead to bankruptcy.''

Here you already know the subject and you were able to form a decent thesis statement that will address just one issue. Once you have that, you are ready to write an essay that will help you get the grade you deserve. Keep in mind that you will mostly have a topic assigned, therefore the first section here will be more desirable. This makes thesis about bankruptcy even more focused and direct.

What is actually thesis statement for bankruptcy?

For you to understand the matter we first must explain what a thesis statement actually is. It is the main idea which will be translated into an essay. It consists of one or two sentences and it is located at the beginning of the essay. Thesis statements give readers the guide on what will be explained and defined in the paper and help them get a bit of better idea on what to expect.

All you need to remember is that a thesis statement is the foundation of your paper. You will use it as the main element in that very paper and you will base your entire essay on it. A thesis statement for bankruptcy essay is an ordinary statement that refers to bankruptcy only. It can look at why it happens, when it happens or how to prevent it. Of all thesis statements, this one is the simplest to write, due to the fact there are no countless possibilities. Bankruptcy defines one term and one situation, therefore you can't analyze something else or something completely opposite.

All statements about bankruptcy must be strong and solid

Here is the thing. If you want to write an engaging essay which is strong and comes with all the elements you need, you need a strong thesis statement. Think like this. If your thesis statement is weak, your essay will be weak as well. This will have a negative effect on your grade and your readers won't be happy about it. To write a strong thesis statement, you need to consider the following things:

Does your thesis statement provide a clear stand?

For instance, if you have a thesis statement which sounds:

"Bankruptcy is good and bad for the business owners''

You won't have a strong one! This thesis statement doesn't provide a clear stand and it is broad. You can write about anything and you can create a literally pointless essay. Also, you will need to write much more than with a regular thesis statement that proves a stand. An alternative, a good one is to use a thesis statement which sounds:

"According to time-consuming research, bankruptcy is beneficial for most business owners, especially the smallest ones.''

In the second case scenario, you have a detailed thesis statement that provides a strong stand. From there you can analyze the matter in depth and you can provide an essay that is direct, value and offers one stand explanation only. In the previous case scenario, you don't have either of these things!

Does your thesis statement approve the discussion?

A bankruptcy thesis must always approve of the discussion. For instance, if it doesn't, then you won't have anything to write about. It is the case when an essay is irrelevant and it isn't appealing to the readers. The biggest problem here is when a student uses an obvious thesis statement. Let's assume you want to use:

"Bankruptcy is bad.''

This is an extremely bad thesis statement and it should be avoided at all cost. It isn't direct, you can't form a discussion on it which is more than 3 sentences long and it looks like a child will think of it. Basically, this is the problem with all thesis statement which are too obvious and which point out to obvious claim that everyone knows. Regardless of what you are writing, content should be appealing and interesting to readers. If it isn't, then you have weak content. The situation is the same regardless of the type of essay and the purpose of it. A correct thesis statement in this case scenario will sound something like:

"Bankruptcy forces small business owners to do unnecessary things instead of focusing their attention to recover from monetary loss.''

The second bankruptcy thesis statement literally has a positive effect on the discussion. It allows you to write about something new, something appealing and to compile an essay that is stunning. The discussion in the essay will have a huge effect on the overall result your essay can provide and as such, it should be used as primary criteria when forming a new thesis statement.

Does your thesis statement have one main idea?

If you write a thesis statement that has more than one main idea, you will fail. Let's take a look at the example we had before:

"Bankruptcy is good and bad for the business owners''

It is clear that you have two main ideas. Bankruptcy is good and bad and you can write about both things. For readers, this is a sign of weak essay and a weak thesis statement. They don't know what to expect and they can't realize are you looking for a way to explain both sides of bankruptcy. Regardless of when and why you write an essay, a thesis statement must have one main idea. In this example, it would sound something like:

"Bankruptcy is bad for all business owners, especially the biggest.''

Now you can see that the main idea is bad side of bankruptcy and you will explain why that is the case. You will also use it through the entire essay and you can write a super paper on one topic only.

It may sound like you don't have to write a lot if the thesis statement is short and direct, but this isn't the case. There are always new topic and ideas you can incorporate and which will make your essay sound perfect. It is actually the only alternative you can use and the one that has a huge effect on the end result.

Is your thesis statement specific?

If we take a closer look at all the points mentioned until now, we can see that each thesis statement about bankruptcy must be as specific as possible. We already mentioned this factor in a glance therefore we won't take a deep look at the moment. When your thesis statement isn't specific, you don't know what to write. You will need an essay with 50 pages to write something interesting and it will still look poor. Thesis statement on bankruptcy must address to just one problem and it must be as direct as possible.

To get a better idea, we can look at some basic rules. For instance, you write about bankruptcy regarding a specific company, person or the ones that occurred in a specific timeframe. Additionally, you can look at bankruptcies that occurred in one country.

The goal is to have one idea, one purpose of the thesis statement and to write it so it meets the highest expectations. Once you have it, it is easy to produce a well-written essay that covers the topic in detail and will help you get the best possible grade. All of this is possible if you have thesis about bankruptcy worthy of an essay.

2 attributes you need to include in your statements about bankruptcy

Regardless of why you have a need to write an essay on this topic, you will want to include two main attributes. They are:

  1. Choosing a topic on which some people can disagree.
  2. Provide your conclusions in the thesis statement.

What this means is that first, you need a thesis statement for bankruptcy which can form a possible discussion. You don't need a thesis statement that ends the conversation as soon as you read it and doesn't allow the readers to agree or disagree on that claim. At the same time, we can see that a thesis statement that can't be discussed is too broad and doesn't have a decent idea you need.

This isn't something you need to worry about if the topic is pre-assigned. If it isn't, you will have to find a topic on which some readers can agree while others will disagree. Only then you are ready to start writing an excellent thesis statement and the excellent essay.

The second attribute of each bankruptcy thesis is to include your conclusions. What this means is that readers are interested in your point of view. If you find bankruptcy, the biggest issue for all business owners, you can rely on that. If you find it a helpful thing for them, you can include corresponding conclusions.

The goal here is to provide the readers with your claims why you think like that and which situations had an effect on you. If you fail to include these sections, your essay will look poor or simply said, won't be interesting for the readers.

These are usually two attributes that are rare in thesis statements and which are usually forgotten. Don't forget them and you will have a great thesis statement.


A thesis statement for bankruptcy essay must target one specific idea, known as the main idea. It must be direct and it must become a beginning for a discussion. Only then you will be able to write an excellent essay and to enjoy all the comments. Keep in mind that a thesis statement must provide your opinions only and it must be based on a topic in which you can start a conversation, allowing the readers to agree or disagree on a claim.